Post-Barton Get Well Wishes

It rained.

It wasn’t exactly epic, but it definitely rained enough to wreak some serious havoc.

Barton’s a killer because you’re not just dealing with mud, you’re dealing with layers of mud that are concealing really slippery rocks underneath. Wicked.

The off-camber descent was a veritable hazard during Sal’s race and I stood by and watched as a man crashed right in front of me.  Crashing is part of the game, but crashing onto your face is not.  I’ve never seen someone fall so hard in such a dangerous manner in my life.  And I don’t want to see it again.

His face was positively mangled and they took him away in an ambulance.  It appeared that they were also being cautious with his back and neck.

Wherever you are, Mister Fallen Rider Man, I wish you a speedy recovery and the very best pain medication that money can buy.

In the same race, our Beloved Pony went down hard and broke his collarbone, simultaneously removing a large hunk of flesh to reveal some pretty disgusting tendon.  Sal was on his wheel when it happened but managed not to go down.  We are pretty sure he only has 8 lives left after that.

Heal up quick, Kenji-chan.

My race report is pending, but in the meantime more get well wishes go out to my teammate Sierra, who is currently sitting in the ER with a possibly separated shoulder [UPDATED: Sierra also has a broken collarbone :(  ], and fellow racers Margi and Bernadette both of whom went out in a painful blaze of crashing glory.

Love you girls!  Feel better!

A quick congratulations is due to my homie Lindsay K who busted out of her funk for a solid top ten finish.  Also killin’ it hardcore was my lady of the pink and black, HeatherG, with a leg-ripping fourth place in the A field.

Race report in progress…

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  1. Thanks H! Best wishes for a quick recovery for the other riders who were hurt!

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