Quick Photo Update from Cacscade: Stage Two

Kenji and I were humming along yesterday, headed to Bend, when we saw a Rock Racing car.

K smelled a race caravan.

A quick left onto an old country road and we were suddenly watching the Pro Mens field fly by – a break of 8-ish riders first, then a small chase group, then the peloton. Five seconds later Kman pulled out a race radio, I flashed my foot long camera lens, and we were in the caravan, following the group.

We worked our way up the final climb, weaving through the back of the race as they suffered their way up:

The Toyoya boys looked way too happy.

Local boy Omer Kem and climbing buddy make muscles for me.
No really, Omer actually is making muscles.


Carson Miller wasn’t happy with me.

Morgan Schmitt looking dubious.

Local boy Sam Johnson gives good post-race face.

Matt Wilson won the stage, took the jersey, and made off with some beer.

Start ‘em young, people, start ‘em young.

Martina Patella talks to the press after spending the day in a 115k break that led her to a 7th place finish.

Chris and Levi, keepin it real.


More later!  Today brings a TT and the always-exciting evening crit.




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  1. Guy Smith

    Nice photo`s! Whats up with Carson? More Horner Pics!

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