Rain! Halloween! Links! Video!

Rain!  Mud!  It’s coming, it’s coming!

I’ve been so patient – haven’t I?  I have.

Therefore I deserve for Barton Park to be downright miserable.  Please, skies, keep dumping!

It’s been a goat rodeo over here at Everyday Athlete HQ this week, so I’m sticking you with a link roundup to keep you busy while you wait for the bell to ring so you can run down the hall and put on your costume.

  • Read this book.  I haven’t yet, but I’ve had several people contact me specifically to tell me that I must.  Book club, anyone?
  • This kid is absolutely incredible.  Julian, you’re my new hero. (Photo is part of the Ironclad flickr set)
  • Sal got some good lovin’ in the pdxcross slideshow from Sunday.  Check out photo 16 to see the Ugliest Cheerleader Ever.
  • Speaking of pdxcross, I’m working on something cool with them.  I can’t tell you about it yet, but I will later.  Promise.
  • I wrote a silly little Halloween Column for the Oregonian that ran last Sunday.  My mom claims not to remember this traumatic childhood experience but I swear it’s true.

And, finally, helmet-cam love from a PV C Master, Paul Formiller:


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  1. Julian is awesome. Bright kid, awesome bike rider.

    What’re you talking ugly cheerleader? He was so cute I just had to grab his butt. HAHAHAHAAHAH

  2. You convinced me. I will read that book! I’ve got another good one for you, The Rider, by Tim Krabbe.

  3. Larry. Let me know what you think about the book (I’ll do the same)
    I read The Rider nearly once a month! It keeps me alive :)

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