Rapha Women’s Sale: 50% Off on Monday, Feb 28

I’ve just started writing for Rapha.

They’re having a sale.

It’s awesome!

It’s 50% off.

Everything in the women’s line.


Be there.


24 hours on Monday, February 28th
All this stuff.

My Favorite Rapha Stuff and FAQ

I sent an email to friends and colleagues this morning about the sale and I’ve had some questions in reply. I thought I’d answer them in one place to make things simple.

What’s my favorite piece?

Tough call, but I will go with the Women’s Wind Jacket in cream. I run hot on the bike, so for me this is a super versatile layer, perfect for those frustrating days when it might rain but it’s really not that cold and a full-on rain jacket might be overkill. This jacket repels water for about 45 minutes and dries almost instantaneously. I did a longer review of this jacket here. I wear a small.

I do not own any of the bib knickers, which look awesome. I just received the Classic Softshell this week, so there’s a pretty good chance it might become my favorite piece sooner than later. It’s gorgeous.

If you can only buy one piece, what should you get?

Getting the Classic Softshell for $187.50 is a pretty crazy-sweet deal. That jacket will blow your mind, promise. Internal routing for headphones, super supple hand, flip-down rain guard in back, sleek tailoring. Even Susan Peithman sometimes wears this jacket off the bike and that’s saying something. Lady has class.

What exactly is on sale?

I repeat – ALL THIS STUFF!

Where can I try this stuff on first?

I know that River City Bicycles carries some of the women’s line, but I do not know exactly how much. That’s probably the best place to start. While you’re there, tell Alex Criss and Ryan Weaver I said hi, drink a coffee from the espresso machine and pick up a pair of socks to show your appreciation for this great shop!

Chime In

Do you own a bit of Rapha? Share your experience with products and/or offer advice around sizing.

Have a question? Leave a comment and I’ll try to find an answer.

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  1. Do you think I can fit a womens XL wind jacket? lol

    btw, you’re an awesome writer. love your blog!

  2. You’ve got the inside line here- any insight as to whether this deep discount is a. driving interest in the early pre-season? or b. divesting from a failed market segment?

  3. Ok. As you know I cannot comment specifically on the women’s line.
    What I can comment on though is that the basis of the Rapha line, the jersies, the bib-shorts, the jackets. I wear them all and have done for some time. The look, the quality and the feel, both of the garment, and that you get wearing it, are sublime.
    The ‘accessories’ to my thinking are just filling to make up the range and I can take or leave these, there are equal if not better products out there.
    O.K. price is a sticking point for a lot of people, but if price is a sticking point you are unlikely to consider Rapha’s direct competitor’s in this level of the bike clothing market. Assos, Castelli et al.
    If you do consider products from these other brands as viable then, I whole-heartedly suggest that you give Rapha a try. Especially with this awesome half price deal. You’ll be won over by the difference.
    The others are expensive versions of a theme, Rapha is different, combining modern twists on tried and tested fabrics with a time-honoured old style class with above all great fit and functionality. On and off the bike.
    I no longer have any affilliation with the RaphaCC other than (outside of racing) it’s still all I care to wear.

  4. Oh. And, I see that someone asked you about trying stuff on. I usually order two sizes for safety as I have noticed that sizing between some of the products can be a little different, due to the intended cut. i.e a large long sleeve jersey is similar to an x-large race jersey, understandbly but unless you know the cut in advance it’s difficult to judge.

    I would say if you can’t get to a retailer that stocks Rapha then order two. The quality of Rapha’s return policy is as good as there clothing.


    Now… i would dearly love a pair of those new jeans… I wonder if they could extend the 50% offer to those…

  5. Andrew – Actually the inspiration for the sale was twofold:
    1. To celebrate the addition of Gem Atkinson and I as contributing writers to the website.
    2. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the launch of the first women’s pieces: Spring 10.
    If there are other motives I can’t comment on them!

    Chris – Lots of good points! I think the ordering two sizes option is a good one. I do this with shoes online.

    Josh – Ha! I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot! I was in the Rapha NA HQ a few weeks ago trying on product and I spent some time trying on the mens line. The men’s stuff is roomier in the shoulder and tapered down into the waist. It all fit me, but not well. The women’s stuff is adjusted in the shoulders and has the tiniest bit of waist and flair to accommodate hips. I think the shoulders would be the only limiter for men wearing womens!

  6. I recently bought the wind jacket and it is worth every cent – awesome. The guys that i ride with froze their butts off in the wind the other day and I was oh-so-snug in my Rapha jacket. Also tried the shorts for the first time last week – gorgeous fabric but can’t comment on the chamois yet. As for sizing, recommend you order down for the shorts – they’re pretty roomy. I got an xxs and they’re spot on. For the jackets, the sizing is spot on – i got an xs and it fits just as it’s meant to. BTW – i’ve been wearing Assos for years and I have to say that the Rapha gear is well worth the $ from both a style and function perspective. You get what you pay for.

  7. teresa and nat

    hey heidi,

    as big commuter bikers, we appreciate every column you write, especially the solo trip, and todays love letter to bicycle. thx for writing on fascinating topics.
    sincerely, teresa and nat

  8. Was really disappointed to see that only half the range was actually there to be bought. I’d checked the day before made a list of what I wanted to purchase, logged on for the sale and there were only a handful of items there. In the end only one item I wanted to purchase was actually available to buy.

    Very disappointing that they take the time to advertise a big sale and then not offer everything in the sale. Would have been better to have the items at 50% and then those they took away at full price, then I could have got all I wanted in one go and not have to pay double shipping.

    Happy though to know that you and Gemma are both writing for Rapha now, look forward to reading the posts.

  9. I’ve bought some Belgian knee warmers on sale last year and I love them. But I’m not sure about Rapha’s new line of skincare products. I’m curious why the company would want to head in this direction.


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