Recipe: The OhMyGod-Give-Me-That-Now Pudding Double Bonus Extravaganza



I’ve mentioned before that Sal and I frequently have pudding as our last meal of the day.  He eats his as-is, and I usually stir in a scoop of chocolate protein powder.  It’s a nice little treat – low-calorie, sugarless, with a little bit of protein and some calcium (and mine comes with 24g of extra protein, too).

Last night as he was making a batch he came up with the brilliant idea of sinking a few frozen raspberries into the cups before the pudding had a chance to thicken.

"Whadya think?" he asked.

"Do it." I said, inspired, "That gives me an idea."

Then I mixed about a cup of plain nonfat yogurt (I am really into Fage right now), a little (maybe a tbsp?) agave syrup to sweeten (you could use splenda if you’re into it), and a scoop of vanilla soy powder in a bowl with a whisk.

Whisk! Whisk!  Whisk!  Beat it up!  Beat it beat it!!!!

Viola.  White goo topping that tastes better than any cool whip crap I’ve ever had.  It could have been lighter and fluffier, but I didn’t feel like dragging out any appliances or using egg whites so I kept it simple.  The result, as you can see, is scrumpshizzlious.

I commanded Sal to do the plating while I set up the camera.  The lightly toasted pecans and frozen raspberry garnish on top were all his doing.  He gave me 10 minutes to shoot before he ate it.*

Go. Make. Eat. Faint.

*Note: I had to shoot Sal’s because I always destroy the consistency of my chocolate pudding before eating it by adding the scoop of chocolate protein powder.  It turns it from firm pudding to a cake-batter like texture.  Still ass-kickingly good, but doesn’t present quite as well.




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  1. OhMyGod that does look tasty! The drooling reminds me, I need to eat again. I’m having trouble keeping up with that “every 2 – 3 hours” thing.

  2. He gave you ten MINUTES? I would have maybe given you ten SECONDS!

  3. That raspberry wants me. I can feel it.

  4. wow, I totally thought you stole that pic off the internet. . . nice work yo

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