Santa Came Early: Iro is my Hero

My mom is going blow a gasket if she reads this (she’s adamant about Christmas gifts being left until Christmas although that never stopped her from unwrapping and then re-wrapping her own gifts early – I’m not kidding).

Santa just came in a brown UPS truck and dropped off my present.  My little elf (Hi Sal) is busy putting it together.  (Assembly-required gifts are always best!)

In the meantime, here’s a teaser picture of Iro, my hero



OmyEffing Straight-Blade-Fork God.


Go, little bike-building elf, go!



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  1. Hell. Yes.

  2. Sweet!

    What inspired the Iro?

    Did you get a nice mountain bike yet?

  3. I`m a UPS elf!!

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