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Analog Saturday happened on Friday this week, and I spent all day yesterday in a darkroom making real, tangible prints from real, tangible film. There’s only one word for that experience: religious.

It’s been a long, desolate week without posting here and I haven’t had time to tell you about getting caught in a snow and hail storm while training on Skyline, or how utterly crappy the weather has been.

I’m going to ride off into the headwind in a few minutes, but I thought I’d leave you with some link love to make up for the recent silence.  Here, in no particular order, is what I have for you:

  • I have been cooking up a storm all week.  A few months ago I got the new Gourmet Nutrition cookbook via secret pre-order and it was love at first sight.  It’s chocked full of gorgeous high-key photography (a picture of every single recipe!) and great tips for making the whole kitchen thing a little easier to stay on top of.  This week I made Vegetable Lentil Pate, Prawn Cakes, Sauteed Spinach with Roasted Garlics, Sauteed Sirloin, Strawberry Coconut Pudding, and Breakfast Quiches. At $40 it is not exactly cheap, but it’s worth every penny in my opinion. I’m working on reviews and thoughts, but I wanted to give you a link anyway.  Go here to get the cookbook: Give me the yummy food.  Go here to read a ton of reviews: I want to know more.
  • Books:  The New Rules of Lifting for Women and The Paleo Diet for Athletes.  Both are extremely good.  Reviews pending.
  • I just scored a 1986 Fuso frame which reminded me to tell you that Dave Moulton’s Bike Blog is fantastic. Moulton has a pretty interesting history too.  I’m elated to have one of his frames and have been geeking out trying to figure out the most appropriate build. It’s not a Pogliaghi, but I’m getting closer.
  • Sherry just tipped me off about this article in the New York Times, which discusses the runner’s high. Really interesting stuff!
  • Georgia Gould recently wrote about the importance of iron levels and it prompted me to schedule and appointment for blood work. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was the reason I am so slow?? :)
  • Speaking of iron: eat more buffalo. It’s really good for you! Check out the stats and Georgia’s review and link to the recipe she used.
  • Molly Cameron has some great videos up in her last post.  Flax bicycles?
  • One final note: SNOW?!  WTF.

(Go outside anyway, dammit)



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  1. For once it’s actually nice in Minnesota! Sunny and 40s yesterday, came home at IMed with a friend in PDX about the snow and hail and rain every day. :) I miss Skyline though – Twin Cities has so much sprawl you never get out of suburbia on a ride. :(

  2. So tucked in among the catching up is your little comment about scoring an 86 Fuso. Dang! I am officially jealous. Holy cow that’s gonna be one sweet ride. It’s begging for Campy Super record components, but DuraAce would be nice, or if you could find a full set of Suntour Superbe… Whatever you do, promise you’ll race it.

  3. I found this a few seasons ago after dealing with my 3rd female distance runner who was suffering from some undiagnosable demise. It’s written by Jeff Hess, a great runner, a great coach, and a great guy.

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