Sherwood crushes souls.

I’m on a few major deadlines this week, so I might not be able to pull a full race report together but this is just to say – thank you.

You on the hill with the screaming.
You at the creek crossing with the cowbell.
You in the River City tent with all that urgency.
You next to that bumpy ass meadow telling me to hang on!

Sherwood equestrian center dished out sheer brutality. Violence translated through seatposts and saddles.

Oh and the climb. That one that just kept getting longer and steeper and gravelly-er.

I wasn’t feeling any mojo yesterday until I came through the barriers on the first lap. I wanted to take the barriers at a steady pace, so as not to be blown up for the climb that followed.

But one of you said, “Charge!!!” and I couldn’t help myself.
I regretted it then, but I didn’t regret it when I woke up this morning.

Maybe it was the beer, but the crowds yesterday were among the best I’ve ever seen at the Crusades.
Waves of you rallying against the horse-shit covered, kidney-rattling, lung-exploding 2-mile monstrosity that threatened to make us all step off our bikes. Huge walls of sound – wide eyes, fists in the air.

Seriously. Best ever.

To everyone at Sherwood yesterday who cheered during the women’s race. I owe you one.

So many moments to remember.
So much pain to consider.
So much misery to embrace.

Maybe you liked the course and maybe you didn’t but I say, “Bring it back, Brad!”

Make it harder. Make us cry.  We fucking love it.

[Photo credit: PDXcross]

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  1. I loved Sherwood. Call me a masochist, but I’ve been pining for a true replacement for Horning’s and I think Sherwood is it. Bone-rattling descents, a heartbreaker of a hill, and fan-tastic spectator space. Only thing I’d add would be a true run-up (though I think more rain/mud would have forced it on a couple damp sections) and a couple more barriers, maybe out in the orchard area near the tiny log. I hope hope hope this course stays on the schedule for next year.

  2. I concur. It’s a pretty fair replacement for Horning’s and I really liked that course as well. Someone asked me afterward what my favorite part was and I said, “That hill – I was able to grind past people there.” Then they asked me what my least favorite part was and I said, “That hill. For sure.”

    Love/Hate. Yes!

  3. That hill was amazing! Long enough to make up a lot of ground on riders who passed me on the flats. Long enough to contemplate the pros and cons of vomiting while on a bicycle. Just short enough to survive and get totally recharged by my kids showing up as a surprise right at the top, yelling “go daddy!” That was the best intro to riding cyclocross that I could have imagined.

  4. The PDXCross photos are totally amazing. I wish my phone would take them like that.

  5. After reading your articles for the past year, I decided to try Cyclocross…….WTF am I doing at 60! I am having a great time!
    Thanks for your inspiration. See you all in Hillsboro. PC

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