Shoe Poll Closes Today: Nike? Really?

I’m going to close the running shoe poll today so if you’ve been holding off, hoping to be the dark horse, now’s the time to come charging forth.

I don’t know why, but I’m surprised that Nike is so far out in front.  I shouldn’t be I guess – I wore Nikes for years and years until after my foot injury in 2004, when I switched to Sauconys.  I made the jump basically because the Grid Stabil line was practically molded around feet like mine. 

If anyone who landed in the "other" category is still out there, I’d love to know what kicks you’ve got strapped onto your fast little feet. 

I’ve got a tempo run scheduled for today at noon and I’m stoked to get out and hit it hard.  I was laying in bed last night romanticizing about how cool running is, because it’s just you and your shoes… very low maintenance and unfussy.

Then I woke up this morning and ran around trying to find everything on my "Running Preparation List":

  • Mini iPod
  • Mini armband
  • HR monitor strap
  • HR monitor footpod
  • HR monitor watch
  • Headband to keep ears warm in freezing temps
  • Gloves for same
  • Shoes
  • Orthotics
  • Carbon plate to put under orthotic in left shoe to provide purchase where left big toe no longer beds due to old injury
  • Oakley sunglasses for super bright winter sun deflection

I swear.  It really did used to be simple. 

I have a picture of me in high school running with my team… I’d forgotten all my workout gear that day and everything I had on was borrowed.  Heavy cotton sweats, Sarah’s spare shoes, crappy cotton school basketball T-shirt.  No one had an extra hair-tie, so my shoulder-length hair was flailing wildly around me while we paced it up the backside of the Fairwood Loop. 

Those were the days. :)

If you’re so inclined, drop a comment and claim your shoe vote!  If you’ve got anything to say about why you roll the shoes you roll, leave that too!

Yoga tonight, followed by sleeping like a baby. 



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  1. I’m a Brooks person. I was a New Balance person, simply because NB made wide-width shoes and the less-expensive shoe store in harvard square sold NBs that fit my feet decently enough. But I went to Marathon Sports (just up from Harvard Square), where the sales people gave my feet a shitton of attention–they evaluated my gait, the shape and size of my feet and my arches, the structure of my heel, what I looked like when I was speed walking and jogging on the treadmill, what my feet look like as I walk up and down stairs, how shoes LOOK to fit on my feet. I was given a thousand pairs of sneakers to try on, and Brooks fit best. They have the motion control and stabilizing stuff that I need for my alien-high arches and my wide fronts and overly-structured heels. They felt like marshmallows from the first time I put them on.

    And there is the vanity point–the ‘wide width’ in my size of Brooks was too wide. The ‘regular width’ was wide enough to fit my feet. And I was promised that this model of Brooks is so popular that it will not be discontinued any time soon, if ever, so I have many years of shoe stability and safety, I guess, ahead of me.

  2. Sounds like you got a good proper shoe fitting, which is awesome.

    Your description of Brooks as marshmallows is SO dead on. I had a pair once but couldn’t deal – just a little too much shoe for me. In fact, I think they are still sitting in my closet in the box in case I just have to have that marshmallow feeling again. :)

  3. I was an asics person for a long time. They were comfortable and easy to find at any cheap shoe store. But, I always ended up ripping up the inside heel of my left shoe. Finally, I went in to a good shoe store and had someone who knew what they were talking about take a look at my feet and the sad state of my shoes. They recommended a pair of Nikes. I have been wearing them for over 6 months and about 100 miles of running with no problems. I guess I’m converted.

  4. Any athletic shoe that will fit my feet is a hell of a lot of shoe. There was a pair that I had tried on–I think they were adidas, but they may have been asics for all I remember–that felt like cement bricks on my feet. And that made my super-tiny mutant feet look absolutely huge. And–oy!

    I need the marshmallow effect. I bear down so much on my feet that even in the most comfortable conditions, my feet tend to hurt. Ankles especially. That cushioning mitigates that feeling enough for me to deal.

    The only thing I didn’t like about the Brooks that I bought is that they’re not as cute as other shoes I saw (particularly a lot of the asics and mizunos). I know it’s such a stupid, wussy thing to think about ‘cute’ shoes, but I had to suck up the fact that my new Brooks had PURPLE on them. It’s better than pink, but still… The things we will do to properly attire our feet, right? (smile)

  5. Interesting about the Asics ripping… man, it really is all about getting a shoe-fit from a real running store, isn’t it?

    I remember in high school my mom used to drive me all the way to Greenlake each fall so we could go to Super Jock N Jill to buy my training shoes and racing flats. They would hem and haw over my feet, and send me out running down the street. At the time, it made me feel like a really big deal. :)

  6. I totally hear you on “running doesn’t require gear.” I have become a convert this winter and it is all about the running clothes for me. I am getting old and whiny, I guess. I want to be comfortable!

  7. I voted for Avia because I have very strange feet. My arches are super high and most shoes dig into the top of my foot. Avia doesn’t. I also wear New Balance for the same reason. My foot was made for a ballet slipper not shoes.

  8. I went to a good store in town a few years ago. They watched me run and gave me New Balance shoes, which I like a lot. The fact that they are still in once place in testament to the (in)frequency in which I run.

    I also run in Crocs. They are so squishy, it’s fun to run down hill in them. It’s kind of hard keeping them on 100% of the time, though. Crocs rule.

  9. You run in crocs!!!?
    Erik, you have earned yourself a special place in my heart. That’s downright crazy-talk.

  10. my new balance shoes are made in the U.S.A.


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