So Hipster it Hurts

From the Tuesday afternoon distraction file.

I’m ashamed to admit that I really liked this video. There are a million reasons not to, and I’ll get you started by listing just a few:

  1. It’s a really blatant ad for Hutchinson. They produced it.
  2. The tires go through the broken beer bottles one too many times.
  3. It is so over-hipsterfied that it ceases to have even the slightest chance of being cool: white glasses, MASI fixie, super low red hat with red lipstick.
  4. Can she even see underneath that hat!?
  5. They are soooooo cool they can’t even think about wearing helmets.  Seriously.

Despite the fact that I know (I know I know i Know!) I shouldn’t, I still like it.  The music’s good, the film quality is immaculate, and it makes me want to ride my bike.

It’s Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

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  1. yeah, that is almost too hipster it hurts. But sweet nonetheless.

  2. It would have been sweeter if they’d met at the end. Oh yeah, but then what?

  3. I like it – pretty well done. It’s tricky to cash in on hipster-ism.

  4. hammers the hipster angle hard, but some great shots. I like it. I think if they tightened it up and cut time in 1/2 it would be much better, runs too long. But they do a nice job of NY city energy = Bike + body energy. cool.

  5. That stupid video…stinking Masi fixie was the reason I came home with a riser bar to swap out the drops on my 925.

  6. Not to mention sexist. Why does the guy get to ride the Masi Fixie but the girl is wearing a skirt, red lipstick, and riding a frakking cruiser? Girls aren’t allowed to ride fast?

  7. Yay Summer!

    (I can’t even look at riser bars on fixed gear bikes, tho. arrrggh….)

  8. Kat – Agreed. I almost put that in my list – must have gotten distracted. While white-rimmed glasses Super Hipster boy is doing sick skids and wheelies, she just cruises. Cruise cruise cruise, ain’t she pretty to look at though?

    I have to unfortunately admit to really adoring the red-tights with silver shoes thing they did. I am also always jealous of long hair. Bitch!

    This Elizabeth: Yep. On both counts… yay summer!
    That Elizabeth: Yeah… they could tighten it by fewer mud puddle reflection and/or tire-through glass shots. Dude, c’mon – we get it!

  9. +1, Kat.

    Here’s a theory, though: I’ve ridden with heels, and the way she’s got her feet positioned on the pedals is not the most comfortable or most efficient. I’m guess that a cruise-speed is all she can do. Great shoes, though.

    +1 on the music, too. Awesome!

    Watching the hipster dude ride made me want to get on my bike, too.

    Oh, and the tires-over-glass thing? So fake. If you rode over glass, the glass would break, regardless of what it would do to your tires. Since the glass in the video didn’t break, I’m going to say that they rolled the bike over the glass without actually putting any weight on the bike. Lame.

  10. You’re right, the heels probably prohibited her from doing wheelies and skids. Heels on bikes are hard. Those Copenhagen girls make it look sexy and easy but they never have to go uphill.

  11. Anyone who can launch a road fixie off of a warehouse platform has my respect, if they land it well…

  12. That was well done. It’s amazing how often people shoot bicycle videos and produce absolute crap. Ad or not, this was refreshing to see. Although I’m sure BSNYC would vomit.

  13. Chris in Minnesota

    This does have a lot of style and really good production values, but it only makes me want to be young and hip. A most remote contingency. OTOH, your helmetcam footage and blog about riding in Tucson makes me want to get on the road bike (conditions here: 34F and overcast, icy roads).

    I’m betting the tire only rolled over glass inside some computer somewhere.

  14. Fun video, but about 1:30 too long!

    I have to admit that my Hutchinson road tires got me through a broken light bulb during a race once. No puncture. By contrast, I popped another brand within 10 minutes of riding it once.

    (No, I don’t work for Hutchinson!)


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