Some Kind of Wonderful.


Cakes and keg ordered. I have an entire army of boys working on my behalf to throw me a party worthy of the gaggle of fantastic friends who are going to turn up.  I’m stunned and stopped and startled by the sheer amount of effort involved.

I knew the command was loaded when I announced "Let’s have a party." two weeks ago. And then it all exploded. Boom!

I never had parties in my twenties.  Ever.

Birthdays seemed annoying at best.  I was leaning on my cynical underpinnings, scoffing at the thought of celebration.

Times have changed.

Every year now is a chance to go running out into the world, wreaking havoc and rampant good-natured mayhem. Every year is a big, expanding opportunity.  Every new morning amazing.  Every close of day exhausting.  Every training run religious.  Every long bike ride astounding.

I take nothing for granted.
Take no prisnoners.
Accept no compromise.
Embrace accountability.

Everything is made or lost in everyday decisions. 

30 was, by far, my best year yet. Here’s to a roaring 31.

Now bring me the party.



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  1. Happy Birthday…and if you are anything like me…the 30′s are far better than the twenties!

  2. Happy Birthday!

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