Still Smiling

Still Smiling

Image courtesy of (PS: If you’re actively refreshing looking for the Barton Park set, a little birdie told me that it will be up in about 2-3 hours, so sit tight!)

Yesterday was by far my worst race yet.  What can you do?  You get up and race again. That’s it.

The important part is that you remember why you’re there in the first place.  I’m out there because at the end of the day, I just love ‘cross.  And I love mud.  Which is why I was still smiling yesterday – and why I’ll be smiling next Sunday at PIR.

More soon.  Happy Monday.


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  1. “Make Up By Cross”

    Great photo ;-)

  2. On one lap in the Master B race I passed three guys down on different parts of the course: K-Man, the hill crash you saw, and another on the gravel road after the barrier. When I crossed the finish line I knew a little what the guys who made it off the beach at Normandy must have felt like.

  3. MtMann,
    That reminds me of the post that Sal put up on the PV race forums last night:

    Directeur Sportif

    I hope this letter reaches you in a timely fashion. Our forces stormed Barton Park on Sunday November 2nd. The Battle was fierce and we lost many a good man (and women) to the resistance… Send reinforcements….ASAP

    End Transmission

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