Sweetie-Pie Songs to Stick in Your Ear

I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to and searching through music lately for a project I’m working on with a client.

It was a dreamy way to spend a few weeks and solidified my status as a helpless musical romantic.

Stick these in your headphones and sway a little.
Think of sunshine and laughter.
Think of dramatic, teary goodbyes in the middle of the road in Darjeeling. (You were right, you’ll never see him again.)
Think of your best girlfriend in the kitchen of your apartment in 1999 wearing pajamas and waiting for the coffee to brew.
Remember the way her hair was always crazy in the morning.

Think of how sappy that silly Heidi girl is.
Think of whatever you want.

Tapedeck Mountain – Scantrons

Blind Pilot – Three Rounds and a Sound

School of Seven Bells – Windstorm

Beach House – 10 mile stereo

Canoe – Three Birds

And sometimes when I’m tired of being super EMO I listen to

The Letters by Light for Fire…

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  1. I love you, sappyhead.

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