Thank you.

Last night Jennifer Cree and I spoke at Upper Echelon Fitness about Reve Tour. I cannot express how humbled I am by the crowd that turned out, the quality of questions, the level of enthusiasm and the absolute support that everyone there expressed. How amazing to have that feedback from our community here in Portland? How lucky to be able to interact with you firsthand and hear what this ride meant to you and how it changed you and what you’re planning.


A blog thank you is not enough, but it’s what I got – so take this to heart: THANK YOU for coming. THANK YOU for your support along the way. And to those of you who did, THANK YOU for believing.

There is a long, long list of thank you’s that go along with this – to sponsors and supporters and coaches and health care providers – but today, this one’s for you: the people who tweeted, emailed and FB’d messages us up and over the Alps. The people who cheered from office desks and followed us as closely as you followed the men’s race. For the women who chatted about it during their weekend rides, for the men who left notes of disbelief on my Strava page, for the little girls who told their parents that they were going to grow up and do the Reve Tour someday.

We made it through the ride but you made the ride matter.

Thank you.



PS: I am still committed to reaching my fundraising goal of $6000 for Bikes Belong and with your help I am 68% there! If you haven’t donated yet and are so inclined, please pay a visit to my donation page. Every little bit helps!



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  1. would have loved to hear you speak about such a wonderful experience. Thank you for having the courage to do the tour!

  2. Super Runt

    Would have loved to attend!
    I thought of this Ted talk a few times while following you guys:

  3. All of us at Osmo are so proud of you and the entire Reve Tour ladies team. Congrats!

  4. Proud to follow you Heidi. Congratulations!

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