The Deep Freeze by Bike: Helmet-Cam Documentation of the Winter of our Discontent

Hey, guess what!

It’s still snowing.

I know!  I can’t believe it either.  I just got a chance to hole up in my studio long enough to kick out some footage of the madness… Check my column at Wend Magazine for three minutes of blustery video, most of which looks as cold and chaotic as it actually was.

Stay warm,

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  1. Chris in Minnesota


    I live in Minnesota where we also have cold, snow and ice. Your post and video convinced me it was time to invest in winter tires for the MTB. (On advice of the local bike shop I chose Nokian Mount and Ground.) They are wonderful. They have transformed winter riding from terrifying and dangerous to challenging and fun!


  2. Chris,
    That’s great!
    The kids over at Bike Tires Direct here in Portland also highly recommend the Nokians. They were out of them in 26″ size by the time I got out there, but Sal got a pair for his 29-er and I gave them a whirl. They’re pretty incredible!
    Glad to hear you are out in the weather.


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