The Gravitron: Ten Random Thoughts to Kick Off the Weekend

Remember the Gravitron? 

It’s that dumb amusement park ride where you lean against the wall and the room spins so fast your sliding wall-pad slides up and you are lifted off your feet, pinned by the mighty G-Forces that the Carnie-in-Charge hoards over you.

It was kind of fun, right?  But it also sort of made your stomach feel weird.  Well, at least, it did that to me. 

Anyway, that’s what the past two weeks have been like. Spinning circles like mad.  Breath taken by physical forces of nature.  Things happening faster than can be documented here in this blog.

But even though I haven’t had the chance to sit down and form coherent life-observations and rampant fitness mumblings, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t had the urge. In fact, my blog reflexes are as strong as ever. (I love that little voice that goes off in my head when something cool happens: dude, I am so blogging this)

So, to commemorate all of the non-blogged blog entries that have been slain in the battle of my extremely and ridiculously busy week(s), I give you Ten Random Thoughts to Kick Off the Weekend, in which I attempt to ressurect and present them in brief.  They may not be connected in any way, but they all sprang from the loins of my overworked brain at some point over the last ten days.

  1. I heart Clif Bloks madly.
  2. My Santini knicker bibs inspire rampant, unfettered joy in my heart
  3. Kids have germs. Lots. (And they have smeared them on me!)
  4. Sun in Portland = sudden widespread mania.
  5. Big photography shoots are like bike races: exciting, make me want to puke, require lots of preparation and equipment.
  6. Cytomax KILLS Heed in head-to-head competition. (Sorry, Hammer – that shit is weird)
  7. Spinach is insanely good.  Along with toasted pine nuts.
  8. The whole Let Levi Ride thing is going to be really interesting
  9. The last five entries over at Zen Habits have rocked my world ("Seven food hacks to Stay Alert without Caffeine" and "20 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting Out In Life" specifically)
  10. This entry over at Mud and Cowbells made me laugh for, like, ten minutes straight.  I’m not exaggerating.  Sal laughed too, but not as much as I did.  My sister even laughed when I retold the story (butchering it as I went).  Even without the IM visual she laughed!!!

Wish me luck this weekend.  Big shoot today, race tomorrow (Jack Frost Time Trial – say hi if you see a brown-haired girl in santini bibs and a Portland Velo jersey looking scared!), and flying out to San Francisco after the race tomorrow.

If I’m not sick from the kiddie germs yet, I’m sure to get there soon!  Luckily, SF promises time with much-missed friends, some important work, a little family snuggling with the Italians, and, hopefully, some good California sun.

I need a vacation.

Luckily, Romance-a-Thon is just around the corner and we’re planning an escape to celebrate our 9th anniversary sometime in the middle of March!

Be well and pretend I published this last night ;),


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  1. I do wish you luck this weekend.

    It cracks me up to take two huge bags of spinach, put it in a skillet, and watch it nearly disappear. Humor in the kitchen is good. The kids prefer spinach raw, but it’s not funny that way.

  2. I totally loved my Shot Bloks, and I’m sad they’re not part of my diet anymore. Now I’m in the process of trying out all the Gel flavors. Apple pie is heinous!

    It’s a bit premature, but Happy Romance-a-Thon 2008!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I was going to go but get this I was getting cocky on the rollers and went off the back bending my only road wheel set! Damm fool!

  4. heather g!

    i heart heidi.

    good luck tomorrow, my friend.

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