The New Helmet-Cam Comes Through at the USGP!

A few weeks ago, Wend gave me a GoPro Hero Helmet Cam on permanent loan so I could start documenting my cycling adventures for my column over there.

I wore the helmet cam on Sunday during the USGP and even though my slightly-concussed head was screaming (if you haven’t read the full report you can check it out here), I managed to get some fun footage.

I edited a little of it together and posted it earlier tonight: sticky mud, sandy run-ups, Beth Burns on the front of the start line, and me missing lots of good lines in favor of shitty ones.  Oh yeah!

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  1. I think that your helmet cam would be a lot cooler if you raced wearing the helmet that they show the camera mounted to on their website. Now that would be sweet!

  2. Cool footage! That thing could actually turn out to be a good training tool, eh? We sell them at my day job as a toy for car racers/enthusiasts. -mike

  3. The white one at the bottom of the page?
    You’re right! So storm-trooper!

  4. Mike – YES totally good training tool. It’s like watching footage of yourself in the batting cage: allows you to see what you’re doing in a whole new way. I wish I’d had it earlier in the season.

  5. That’s way easier to watch than rally in-car… :) Great footage, Heidi! :) You rock!

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