The People’s (Bike) Republic of Portland

I love this crazy town.

Sherry just emailed me a link to Jonathan’s blog, – it looks like the building in Waterfront Park, just north of the Hawthorne Bridge, will be turned into "Bike Republic"  which is described as a "full service bike commuter facility".


But what really got me going was the mention of a cafe run by Laughing Planet… Oh la la, mama needs a big burrito.

Check out for the full scoop and prepare yourself for bike commuter madness.

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  1. check again…not so fast…Maus pulled the trigger too early…don’t get out your extra shower towel quite yet.. (yuck).

  2. woops! bummer. I hope they seal it quicklike.

  3. That’s awesome! Biking is much slower to catch on here where I’m at. I bike about 2-3 times a week to work. While there is a bike trail part of the way, once I’m off of that, it is not pro-biker at all. Portland sounds really pretty cool!

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