The Sound of My Pen Scribbling

I’ve been writing.  Scribble, scribble, write write write.

In my haste to make more stories, I forgot to post links here.

My last column for the Oregonian may do more to explain my delinquency: 14-hour workdays Cut into Two-Wheeled Time.  This was inspired by May – the month that almost broke me – and all of your kick-ass encouragement, feedback, tough love, and support in the comments section. (Things have mellowed out a little, but July promises to be another test of time management).

This week’s column takes us back to the heart of the matter: sitting on a bike and pedaling miles.  100 miles, to be exact.  It explores the glory (and agony if you happen to select the RACC as your first one) of the cyclist’s rite of passage, the Century.  100 miles – sweet!!  “An amble and an uphill scramble bracket Heidi Swift’s 6-year stretch to a century”

Also, I haven’t seen it yet, but there is a rumor that the profile that I wrote of Bissell’s Paul Mach is out in the most recent print edition of VeloNews. I did that interview during the only window that I had to get a ride in while in Hood River covering the MHCC and, you know what?  It was worth it.  Mach’s a really nice guy and a math nerd to boot.  What’s better than a super fast math-nerd pro bike racer?  Not much.

Up next on the scribbling front.

July 12′s column in the Oregonian will be an extra special one for me – a testament and tribute to the strength of our cycling community and a hat-tip to two very special cyclists who went down hard a little over a month ago.

Cascade Cycling Classic is coming up straight away – I’ll be in Bend to cover all the nitty-gritty details (I’ll also be around for Road Nats).  Who knows – maybe I’ll even get to make more pictures of the amazing Mr. Horner again?  He got seriously shafted by Astana for the tour but he handled it well (as he always does).

Speaking of the tour, I’ll be following obsessively this year as part of a corporate reporting gig that I am doing with Columbia Sportswear.  That content won’t be public but I’m sure I’ll be weighing in on The Drama that Will be the 2009 Tour.  I’ll wait until the evening to post but consider yourself forewarned about the possibility of spoilers.

PS: In case you missed it, I really enjoyed this video that Horner did with the Oregonian a few weeks back (“Oh yeah, concussions – those are standard.” …  “I never work on sprinting in training because that’s not what’s going to feed the munchkins.”)  At this point, this is actually pretty heart-breaking to watch. I’ll miss Horner 100%.

Chris Horner prepares for the Tour de France

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  1. Nice video, Torsten…. too bad he’s not going. Such a shame. Will be nice to see him at Cascade, though.


  2. What a great guy. Inspiration to all racers and riders on how to be good and humble at the same time

  3. Seriously.
    I really love Chris!

  4. Thanks for posting that video Heidi. I’m REALLY bummed that he’s not going. Maybe next year….after all, age is a state of mind and it’s not too late.

  5. I just read your article in velonews about Paul Mach. I thought it was very well done. I actually read the article before I saw the by-line, and I thought–”that is pretty good for velonews, I wonder who wrote that.” I should have guessed! Keep them coming.

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