The Wend Cyclocross Diaries 1-3

A few people have mentioned that they haven’t seen the Wend Cyclocross Diary videos yet, so I decided to post episodes 1-3 here for easy access to all the racey goodness.

By way of background for anyone who just tuned in – I write a little online column for Wend called the Cycling Diaries. Last year, I did first person racing stories after every race which were fun, but we decided to join the cool kids this year and bust out some video.

I am working with Eric Keeney, a super-talented and super-studley videographer. Basically, I talk a little into a microphone, chase people down and harass them on camera, and Eric shoots everything. Then he shoots the races and the shenanigans. Then he goes home and edits everything and makes a kick ass video.

So, he does everything that’s actually important, time-consuming and requiring talent – I just crack a few jokes and drink refreshing Widmer Brrr Ale. Since I have never done anything like this before, I usually mess up the intros and outros about a million times and Eric patiently executes take after take while coaching me to some level of coherence.

He also somehow manages to race in the Master B category in the middle of the day.

In conclusion? Eric T Keeney kicks ass! And if you see us (or just him) roaming around at the races, let us know what you think of the videos. We’re always stoked to get feedback and open to suggestions. Also, if you know someone funny, dirty, gross, fast, or otherwise entertaining that we should get on film – point us in the right direction. We especially like gory injuries, weird human body tricks, partial nudity, costumes and snot.

Ok, without further ado, Cyclocross Diaries Episodes 1-3! Stay-tuned for episode 4 which should be released Wednesday-ish.

Episode one: Alpenrose season opener

Episode two: Rainier High School (Death Hill)

Episode Three: Sherwood Equestrian Center (Bodily Assault Course)

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  1. Heidi, really fun videos, very well done — made me wish I were younger and stronger and riding cross!

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