This Could Get Interesting: The Weather Report

I’m traveling for work right now and having one hell of a week.  Tonight I’m shooting an event in Seattle (bond-themed cruise party!) and driving back tomorrow morning in time to get myself ready for Sunday’s USGP race.

With a super light training week, things could get interesting – I’ll either feel really, really fresh, or I’ll feel like total crap.  Either way, with my cousin driving all the way down to see me race, it will be go time!

Working in my favor?  The weather report: 

Our window of opportunity for snow is from about noon through the evening hours.  On the Valley Floor, expect a dusting to no accumulation at all.  If you live around 500 ft., you could see around an inch of accumulation.  For those of you 1,000 ft. and higher, expect up to 4".

The system that really concerns me is the powerful windstorm that will bring heavy rain, intense wind gusts, and possible flooding concerns to the Oregon and Washington Coasts.  This massive storm contains moisture from typhoons that have recently affected Japan, so you know it’s packing a punch!  I expect winds to gust 90+ mph on the coast and 50+ mph in the Willamette Valley from noon Sunday through Monday.

Snow?  Rain?  Wind gusts?  Storm? 

Sounds dramatic.  Just my style.  If I’m lucky we’ll get some King-Lear style shenanigans and Portland Velo will have to form a snuggle pile to keep warm.


In other news, I’ll have a really basic photography portfolio site up by the new year, complete with sports, weddings, and studio work.  I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up so you can ch-ch-ch-check it out.

Mud, Snow, Love,





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  1. So, how’d it go?

    Vancouver (BC) got walloped – cold and snowy all weekend, windy and pouring rain all today.

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