Three Fitness Blogs for Women that Actually Don’t Suck

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NOTE: I have recently published an updated version of this post with three new blogs: “Three More Fitness Blogs for Women That Don’t Suck”

The fitness industry is a monster. You know it and I know it.

They want us to hate our bodies, loathe our genes, shun our favorite foods and… ultimately – buy their stupid diet plans.

And we do it. Again and again and again.


Because our ideas about food are so messed up that we think we have no idea what to eat (we really do, trust me).

As I’m navigating the sea of rancid crap that is 99% of the fitness industry I am bolstered by the presence of a few truly fantastic fitness blogs written by people like you and me. Real people not hawking products. Real women throwing iron around or enjoying the complete and utter radness of their bodies in all kinds of healthy, enjoyable ways.

They’re level-headed, whip-smart and pretty darn inspirational.

I present, in no particular order, Three Fitness Blogs for Women that Actually Don’t Suck (in fact, they DOWNRIGHT KICK ASS). I’ll also add that these sites are just as awesome for men as they are for women!


I’ve been reading Krista for as long as I can remember – I was initially enamored with her because she was a braniac smarty-pants taking the world of academia by storm.

She’s since quit that scene (bravo, Krista!) and is much happier for it.

What will you find at this site? Smart advice about all things training and nutrition. An unabashed love of power lifting and all the glory that lies therein. A wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor, amazing writing and just the kind of self-assured hot-as-shit woman that we all would love to be.

Subscribe to her feed, send her mail, read the “real stories” section or – at the very least – just go poke around. You’ll laugh your guts out and learn a little in the process.

(PS: Krista does not know I exist, so I am in no way being compensated for this plug – or any of the other recommendations for that matter.)


(UPDATE: As of March 2014, Swigg blog appears to be abandoned.)

Skwigg is hilarious. That’s all you need to know.

She’s also a former health-nutrition-measure-everything-freak. And she is completely reformed.

This gives her the added benefit of truly understanding what it is like to battle disordered eating, fitness-obsession and the Monster that is the Diet Industry.

Skwigg will eat anything that shows up in her mailbox (she receives a lot of samples) and then give you here 100% unbiased opinion about them. Which is to say, she’s your favorite guinea pig! Use her.

She’s also a sucker for devouring all of the latest fitness/nutrition/diet information that hits the market. She reads all the new books, tries all the new gadgets, evaluates new programs. Go to her first to get the down-and-dirty lowdown on this shit.

Subscribe to her blog. Read her information about eating. Laugh at her funny stories.

Maggie Wang

(UPDATE 3/4/14: Maggie’s site appears to be abandoned. There’s still a lot of interesting information to be gleaned there. We’ll miss her!)

Maggie deviates from the previous two blogs a little bit because Maggie is completely obsessive about both fitness and money management. (Update: Maggie’s been MIA for a few years now. That said, she left a lot of great resources up on her site. Read on…)

Seriously – if Microsoft Excel had a poster girl, she would be it. She also comes up with really crazy recipes (crazier than most of mine!) that are absolutely mind-boggling. (See: Fiber One Protein Bars and Chocolate Protein Fudgesicles)

She’s a self-proclaimed geek (computer games) and has recently become obsessed with making sackboy dolls.

Check out her Fitness Resource Page, marvel at her insane commitment to measuring everything and be inspired by (and hopefully a little afraid of) her absolutely unflagging devotion to changing her life, her body and her money for the better. I have no idea where she gets all this energy, but her OCD is over-the-top entertaining and I’m daily amazed by what she manages to accomplish.

What Maggie really excels at, however, is finding ways to get things done cheaply. She is the ultimate fitness bargain hunter and relentless deal tracker.

Precision Nutrition

People are always asking me about food: what do you eat? how do you eat? when do you eat? The fastest answer I can give is that I more or less follow the Precision Nutrition guidelines.  This is their blog. These guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to eating smart. No shortcuts, no gimmicks.

Who Else?

Do you have favorite fitness blogs written by smart people? There are a lot more out there than these three (these are just a few of my faves) and I’d love to collect a nice list of them here so if you’ve got a gem – throw your hat into the ring in the comments section. Shameless plugs for your own blogs are enthusiastically encouraged!

 Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link which means if you get all excited and buy something from Precision Nutrition, I’ll get a little kick-back, which really helps me with maintenance costs for this site.



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  1. Wow, I follow two out of those three blogs, and as a fellow computer gamer and lover of Excel, it looks like I’ll have to add the third! Thanks for sharing.

    I follow a TON of fitness and health blogs, but many of them don’t focus exclusively on women. I welcome you to come check out mine, though. I promise I don’t suck either, even if I’m not in the leagues of these fine ladies (at least, not yet).

    • Liz! Thanks for the comment – I love that you love gaming and excel, too. Downright hilarious!
      On my way over to poke around now.

  2. Thanks for these recommendations; I’m a Stumptuous reader, but will definitely now check out the other two. And now, happily, I know about you, too. Sweet!

    I’d like to shamelessly plug my blog: The Clothes Make the Girl. It’s mostly about my adventures with CrossFit, running, and eating clean — with lots of motivational stuff thrown in, along with recipes and the occasional nod to art and music and books on my rest days.

    I should also mention that I’m a retired Flat Track Rollergirl — skated in Austin with the Texas Rollergirls for 5 seasons… so some of that sassy Rollergirl stuff makes its way into my blog, too.

    • I love shameless plugs, baby. Welcome to the fold! Can’t wait to check out your site.

  3. Shameless plug for We’re a crossfit affiliate in Manhattan but the majority of our readers are part of the greater crossfit community.

    Even if crossfit isn’t your thing, come check out our site for our plethora of links to articles, videos, blogs, etc., about not just fitness/nutrition/health but everything from neuroscience to philosophy.

    While we’re not “for” women only, we’re very geared towards women’s interests, if said women like picking up heavy shit, getting pull-ups, and eating yummy food that nourishes the body and soul. Maybe because I’m the one who DOES the blog and that description fits me perfectly.

    Keep up the great work–I’m adding your blog to my RSS reader and I’m sure I’ll be linking you up soon!

  4. Great post! I’ve also been reading all three of these for years! I miss Maggie’s posts – and hope she reappears some day. :) As for shameless plugs, I’m certainly not up to the level of these three gals, but I have my monents… ;)

  5. Good post! Also a good read along the same lines:

  6. I was really excited to see this post, and then really crestfallen to find I already read all three. *sigh* And Maggie has fallen off the radar recently (though I keep seeing her on TV – she’s in the UK eHarmony ad with her hubby Chris). I have however found you now, so happy days…

  7. elsewise

    I really like Aqufit. While not specifically for women, Kristin certainly doesn’t shy away from some of our issues (two notable comments-heavy examples are and

  8. I’ve read stumptuous for-evah, Krista rocks! I’ll def check out the other two.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I found your site through a link from Krista, and I’m glad I did. I have to say, everything I learned about weightlifting, I picked up from Stumptuous. Now onto perusing these other two suggested blogs for insightful info.

    Thanks to Stump, I just picked up my boyfriend to use for a weight while doing ten squats. Oye!

  10. I read all three of these blogs… but Maggie hasn’t been updating lately :(

  11. i follow Stumptuous and Skwigg and find them excellent.

    Gubernatrix is also worth a look ( as she has plenty of thoughtful, commonsense things to say about women’s fitness.

  12. ! That girl is no nonsense and awesome!

  13. I don’t mind shamelessly plugging my own blog :-) I’m just getting started with my blog at

    I hope mine doesn’t suck… :-)

  14. I am only familiar with one of these fitness blogs, but I will for sure check the rest of these out! I personally have been a personal trainer for years and now I own a gym and I can’t tell you how much garbage is out there. I hear all the lies and misconceptions that my clients read on the internet every day about getting thin and having the perfect body.

  15. I love the picture making out gyms to be a part of a horror movie from the 1940′s. Classic and yet so true. Thanks so much for pushing some fitness blogs out there for women because as a society many women still think the gym is just for men, when in reality the gym is much more important for women to get involved with. Please check out our fitness blog at Thanks so much!

  16. Krista and Stumptuous are great for the fitness movement – she’s really one of the first pioneers to destigmatize the “black iron” free-weight training for women.

  17. Hey everyone

    There’s this guy called Bevan James Eyles who seems to have the best fitness blog that I’ve seen. He’s really big on the behaviors that create success. Make sure you check out his podcast, it’s helped me achieve some big things. Here’s his website:


  18. Great posts! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be following them.

  19. Thanks for sharing those. I’ve bookmarked them now.

  20. I am just re-starting my fitness journey and can’t thank you enough for sharing these inspirations! Off to check them out…

  21. Thanks for this. I’m always looking for fitness related sites for women. It’s good to hear a woman’s point of view sometimes. No offense guys. =)

  22. Stumptuous has been around since back in the 90′s and I agree it’s great, I will also have to checkout the others.

  23. we would love to shamelessly plug our blog! we are new to the game, but have some great information for working women looking to get fit !

  24. Samantha

    Awesome blog I am a student in Montana and I have been thinking about majoring in Nutrition. I have been looking at a lot of health and fitness blogs to see if they match up to what I have learned in school. These fitness blogs, and the blog byKim Ence are really great. Thanks for posting these! I will for sure keep following you!

  25. Love how CrossFit is getting shout outs on the blog! Our Huntley gym is dominated by females, and they bring such a spirited, energetic vibe to the workout! Keep working hard…we’re here to support your fitness journey!

  26. love the 2girlsonthego website!

  27. Great blog and comments. I am a big fan of practical fitness. I have been a Pilates instructor for 4 years and recently was AFAA certified and began teaching Kickboxing. Big believer that fitness has to be fun in order to become a regular part of one’s lifestyle. It is all about doing the right thing most of the time and eating right because it feels good! Personally, I love working out because it makes me feel strong – and, when I work out I can indulge my inner foodie without negative consequences! I have had amazing success with Beachbody’s P90X and Shakeology – and just ordered TurboFire as my next workout challenge. Variety is the secret – so you never get bored!

  28. I have run three marathons in my 20s and have done several races recently since I’ve been pregnant. I am due tomorrow so send me some good labor vibes my way! :)
    Since becoming preganant I have remained active and running only to have stopped running in March. My last race was a 5K in Feb this year. It’s been fun running again. I have always been passionate about health and fitness. I am in the process of switching careers (I’m a lawyer) and will get certified in strength and conditioning training. I hope to train pro athletes and others in the future. I have taken a few clients now. I am member of the National Strength and Conditioning association,
    I’ve started a blog recently because I do a lot of research now and wanted to remain motivated through the pregnancy and help my friends stay fit. It’s called “Vroom!” I just blogged about pre and post workout meals you may find interesting. Check it out and thanks for the support.


  29. Wow,I wish I had found your site sooner. I’m a Personal trainer and I got so fed up with the nonesense about dieting and exercise being marketed that I wrote a book on it. Now i have found your site and am sitting here shouting YES YES when I read SKWIGG’s blog about “listening to your body” especially with regards to food. If more of us did, our weight and exercise wouldn’t be an issue.
    Re the title of my book Lose Weight and Exercise Without Stressing.

    I am definitely going to keep this site in my favorites. It is about time people started realising that we are not all 5ft 8″ and that is ok. Brilliant site!

  30. I’m a shameless plugger too. is full of expert advice (mine), original celebrity interviews – we talk fitness and a few other things, recipes, videos, workouts, product reviews, giveaways and more. I’m a tad on the sarcastic side so …. you know ….

  31. Really an inspiration. I always believe that determination and focus
    plus effort and pain will really help you achieve everything especially
    your fitness goal. I am happy that you reached it with optimum effort.
    I really appreciate you sharing this to us.
    also check this:

  32. I googled ‘fitness blogs’ and got yours. Not only am I checking out these three you’ve recommended and probably will end up following, I’ve subscribed to your blog as well – score!

  33. hi everyone!!
    I write a fitness blog as well. I cater to the women and i LOVE everything htat has to do with training and health.

    Now, I just wanted to say that my website is like a community almost where i allow to post the best stuff/articles etc from other sources…

    So when you get a chance to, make sure you visit



  34. Cross fit is great! Fitness is my life. I love Danskin. It makes me feel powerful and strong when i wear it because I look good and feel confident.

  35. Kelly Jo Johnson is running and for NY residents she has a different fitness programme

  36. Hey! I love the blog. I will be tuning into the 3 picks too!! I write a “health” blog, but it covers more than just fitness. I am a personal trainer so the fitness side of my blog comes from being in the field, but the other topics I approach are for the ladies… it’s relationship and awareness based. Everything from what type of leggings to wear to preventing yeast infections. I would love for you to check it out. “For the ladies, but informative for men”

  37. Heidi, thanks for the recommended reading. I’m sitting here trying to revamp my health and fitness blog,”Manifest the Best”at this very moment. I would LOVE to chat with you about bloggy and bikey things. ‘Cross season begins! (See you later bruise free legs!)

  38. my fit coach sent me the link to your site and I love the Caustic Musings site you recommended its awesome thanks!

  39. Great list, just checked out those three blogs and they are great. Love Skwigg especially! Shameless plug as I just started a blog at Hope you enjoy it and it helps motivate some people!

  40. Thanks for this! I´ve been looking for blogs like these :D

  41. I can’t wait to check out the blogs you recommended! :) I recently started my own fitness blog, and I love it! I get easily bored by doing the same old thing repetivly. It’s great to find people with common interests. Hopefully we can inspire each other.

  42. Thanks for sharing these. I’ll definitely check them out even if they are “for women”.

  43. I, too adore all the above blogs, as well as The Clothes Make The Girl. I guess although this thread is pretty old, I am looking to shamelessly plug my own a little… It doesn’t totally suck, nor do I, but it’s still an infant. Http:// – its about my adventures in the paleo/CrossFit world, and my observations about body image and women

  44. You are right! It is simply about loving our bodies and being intensely passionate about some sort of vigorous physical activity that is going to continue to challenge us and fulfill us!! Thanks for the blog links!

    Nick Outlaw CPT
    Fitness and Training


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