Thursday Night: Me, You, Rex Burkholder and Awesome Wine

More than just a rad name: Rex For Metro President

There’s an important election happening here in Portland in May and I want you to know about it.

Why? Because it’s going to have a very large effect on the state of transportation (cycling!) in Portland over the next few years.

But also? Because it involves a party. : )

What’s better than a cycling-related party that also directly supports the future of bikes in Portland?  Not very much!

So here’s the scoop. Rex Burkholder is running for Metro Council President. Does that name sound familiar? It should. It’s the same Rex who helped found the BTA back in 1990. The same Rex who had a significant hand in the early beginnings of the brilliance of Car Share in Portland. He’s an avid cyclist and commuter – heck, he even campaigns by bike!

But we need more than great cycling and good transportation in Portland, right? We need jobs.

And our future depends on creating green jobs. Environmental stewardship must go hand in hand with economic development. Rex is the only candidate who understands this and can bring the region together. I believe that.

The list goes on and on but the bottom line is – this guy’s got our backs and we should do everything in our power to put him in office.

Especially when “everything in our power” means fancying up and getting together with friends for good wine, good food and a little celebration (and maybe a free bike?).

Come drink with me and help raise funds to support Rex’s campaign

Here’s the scoop. I really hope you can make it. I would like to draw your attention to the phrases “excellent wine” and “yummy munchies”. I would also like to draw your attention to the wonderful lists of hosts below (Ira Ryan, Susan O of Team Estrogen, and Ricky Po from the Cross Crusades just to name a few!).

Finally, Jay Graves of The Bike Gallery just donated a super sweet Workhorse bike to the raffle. Please come and win this bike so I don’t have to – my basement will thank you.

Tickets to the event are $25 and additional raffle tickets can be purchased for $5 each. See below for details.

Eat. Drink. Vote. Rex.

A fun(draising) party, by cyclists, for cyclists, for Rex for Metro President.

Hosted by Grochau Cellars & bike friends –Beth Burns, Augusto Carneiro, New Drink Media, Mark Ginsberg, Caroline Fitchett, John Grochau, Gretchen Horton, Jeff Mitchem, Susan Otcenas, Rick Potestio, Ira Ryan, Kris Schamp & Kathryn Sofich.

WHEN: Thursday, Mar 18, 2010 (6:00 PM) at Grochau Cellars

WHERE: 2621 NW 30th Ave, Portland, OR 503-522-2455

HOW MUCH: $25 per ticket. PS: Oregon offers an income tax credit to residents who contribute to qualifying state, federal or local political campaigns. The total credit is limited to $100 on a joint return or $50 on a single or separate return. Please see for details. Contributions or gifts to this campaign are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

GET YOUR TICKETS: Mash this link and reserve your spot.

Put March 18th on your calendar and join us for a great party! We will have excellent wine, yummy munchies, a grand raffle and a chance to hear Rex Burkholder, candidate for Metro President, talk about his vision for the future of our region –especially where and how bikes fit in!

Raffle Prizes include: Private wine tasting and dinner for eight at Grochau Cellars; Season passes for two to Cross Crusade, Season pass for two to Short Track Series, PIR, Workhorse bicycle from the Bike Gallery & more.

For Tix ($25) call Rex 4 Metro President Campaign 503.241.2868 or email us at / $5 raffle tickets can be purchased over phone or at event. Can buy tickets online by clicking Here!


Mash the image below to visit Rex’s campaign website and learn more about what’s on his mind.

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