To the Weather: I Hate You. Love Heidi.

I have been sitting here trying to write about something – anything - besides the crappy weather.  It’s impossible.  Every start degrades quickly into some rant about Sal calling me a "hail magnet".

I have decided to give in and just get it off my chest.

I am enamored with the rain and cold in the winter months.  I need a break.  I need hibernation.  I need the quiet that the dark and cold of winter offers.  I like it.

(Besides, I need rain to make mud and I need mud to make ‘cross.)

But it’s almost May. 

And it snowed on Sunday.

I have been caught in 6 different hail storms in the past 2.5 weeks.  Always in the middle of some long ride somewhere.  Often alone.  Big, mean, sharp hailstones stinging my face and pinging off my glasses.

It was kind of funny the first three times.  But now it’s not.

Sal and I work together in an office on the top floor of an old building. When it rains, we can hear it shelling the roof above us.  We usually walk to the window and look out over the river to downtown, observing the onslaught and thanking god that we’re not in it.

A few days ago the hailstorm that cruised through was so loud we almost couldn’t hear the music we were playing.  He leaned back in his chair so he could see me and said, "Hey Heidi… it’s hailing – shouldn’t you be outside on your bike?"


I’m here to go on record. I’m over it.

Like… losing my-shit-going-insane over it.  Enough is enough!!

I opted to run yesterday in stubborn defiance and ended up aggravating my old FHL injury, which is a complete nightmare.  Shooting pain through the arch and ball of my foot.  All the memories of a year in physical therapy and a walking cast came flooding back to me in a heartbeat.

First the rain, now this! 

I’m remaining calm but I swear – if we don’t get a sun-break soon – I’m gonna snap!





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  1. Well head on down here H., b/c it’s been hot and humid since we returned from Mexico last week – where it was, ahhh, ummm, hot and humid all week.

    You need a trip to a warm and sunny locale. May I suggest:,1&ID1=google&ID2=Grand_Mayan_Acapulco

    Speaking of weather, I need to pick your brain. As a former SF resident, how’s the weather there in November – generally speaking. I know you’re not a psychic. Well, I don’t think you’re a psychic…

    Also, someone mentioned Parc 55 as a decent place to stay. Do you have any thoughts? If we stayed there, would we need our own vehicle to see the sites?

    Thanks — Stepher

  2. Thank you for speaking for all of us here in Colorado as well. I am so sick of snow, wind, and misery. Come on, summer!

  3. It’s almost over. Buck up, buttercup.

  4. Climate change… you should really ride your bike more.

    I am currently in the midst of gross, wet snow and sub-freezing temperatures. Enough. I need to tan.

    (Almost here, sunshine)

  5. Guy Smith

    I`m with you! Riding in roads covered in snow and hail, with the skinny`s is very sketchy, plus I feel like I`m going backwards or flipping over I don`t know just weird! I did get a tan on the last outting of the sun though!

  6. I thought global warming was supposed to make it WARMER. dammit.

    Yeah, at the bar last night we talked about the weather for like a good 20 minutes…alex said “i can’t believe we’re talking about the weather…” I replied, “well, when it’s making everyone completely insane and turn into serial killers, i think it’s a worthy topic of discussion…”

  7. Ah, I relate. Here in craphole Michigan, we are blessed with 70 degree weather for a week and then…oops it’s almost May and it’s going to snow! I asked for a long time where’s my global warming?! Good old Al Gore taught me that the better term is climate instability. Crap. I thought aside from cancer, smog, and more autism we would at least get nice warm weather. Nope. Hail storms and snow storms. I suggest you give the finger to the next soccer Mom that drives by in a huge gas whoring SUV. You know she didn’t buy it to go off roading so I blame her.

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