“Tragic” Does Not Come Close

I’d love to spin stories for you about California riding.  I’d like to tell you how I flew for five miles at a 7:00 minute mile pace while running on the Embarcardero last week. Unfortunately, I can’t get my mind off this tragedy long enough to make words into paragraphs.

We just covered that stretch of roadway.  Just this week.  Sal used to ride there all the time.  Everyone rides there.

My heart goes out to the friends and family of Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson, and the entire bay area cycling community.



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  1. I don’t think there is a cyclist or triathlete around who hasn’t heard this about Kristy & Matt, my chiro/A.R.T. guy was just telling me about it too.

    I can’t even imagine how close to home (literally) this hit for you. Stay safe out there.

  2. So sad!!! Please be safe out there!!

  3. check his cell phone

    bet he was text messaging at the time

    no matter what happened

    it is inexcusable

    a sad story that will not have a happy ending
    no punishment will repair the damage

  4. How horrific. I’m so sorry to read this, H.

  5. mike kender

    My heart sank when I read this. Every cyclist in the south Bay Area has ridden that road at one time or another. I can recall riding there myself and I lived in the city. Horror, Sadness, and sorrow…

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