Triple (Yes, You Read That Right) Chocolate Pecan Protein Shake

Eat your heart out, ErikV.  I have improved upon the double chocolate pecan protein shake… some thought it was not possible.

To partake, make your own custom version of the Original Double Chocolate Recipe.  Now, add two tablespoons of Wonderslim Wondercocoa.

You have just added 40 calories and 6g carbs… nothing!  And, if you reallllly can’t fit 40 extra calories into your plan, just add 1 tbsp, it will be just as gosh-darned delicious.

It seriously cranks the chocolate dial up to, like, 14.  At least.

I have also been adding 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed to my shakes recently.  It helps with Ye Olde Iron-Related Fiber Requirements and also kicks down some mean Omega-3′s.

I grind my little flax-seeds in a cheapo coffee grinder that is dedicated to the task so it never becomes polluted with other things.

This shake makes a nice meal replacement but doesn’t really have enough carbs to be an adequate post-hard-ride recovery drink.

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  1. I’m making one tomorrow.

  2. I get the WonderCocoa at New Seasons! :)

  3. I WonderCocoa my Kodiak Pancakes, and top em with almond butter. mmm… I heart cocoa

  4. Guy Smith

    I throw 2 scoops of protein powder in my coffee in the morning! to hell with blenders and all else! Yar

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