Veloforma Release Party Snapshots

Damn.  That was some of the most bizarre fun I’ve ever had in my life.  In one moment there was a delicious Laurelwood IPA in my left hand and in the next I was hanging from the monkey bars with the formidable and super-strong Kristin Wille swinging toward me, attempting to “take me down”.  I have no idea what happened next, only that my childhood growing up as a wolf-pup flashed before my eyes and an intense fight or flight reaction kicked in.  And, hanging there in a wool pencil skirt and nude fishnets, I went for the kill.

Kristin – consider this my formal apology.

There was also dancing.  And “indoor surfing” in cowboy boots.  Cruiser bikes on rollers.

There may have been some beer spilled.  It’s possible that was my fault.  In any case, I used the King of Team Beer as my scapegoat and the crowd bought it despite the fact that he cried out, “I would never do that! That’s alcohol abuse!” (Which was a very good point.)

We were weilding the point-n-shoot last night, but we got a couple good snaps.

Thank you to everyone who came out – you made the evening a smashing success!

This was just after I may or may not have spilled a little beer.  In any case, the red kegger cup is classy, no?

I think my sweater is buttoned incorrectly, which indicates something about how much fun we had.


Quick, everyone look somewhere else!


The entire VF crew.

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  1. I’m tempted to call for a rematch ;)

  2. There is photographic evidence of the battle now. I tagged you in FB!

  3. There is plenty of photographic evidence out there… Great photos. Good times…


  4. I can only express my joy at sharing such an exciting occasion with such loverly ladies. Maybe the best party of ’09, if not for the beautiful hosts than for the dance party in an adult playroom complete with that junior high smell of sweat and pheromones.

    Tug of war, anyone?

  5. Bummed to have missed it!

  6. Sounds like a good time!

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