Want Simple Nutrition? It Doesn’t Get Much Simpler Than These Five Rules

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters.  One thing that I lovvvvvve about Craig Ballantyne is he is succinct, well-spoken and always cuts to the chase. 

He’s the author of Turbulence Training, a pretty amazing set of resources including bodyweight workout plans and amazing, supportive community. His workouts are also hard as shit and will get you in shape on the double.  Problem is, he doesn’t package them in a pretty bow and there not sexy-glamorous, so most they dont’ appeal to the Look-at-Me GymRats very much.  The other cool thing about them is that since they’re bodyweight workouts, they can almost all be done at home, or wherever you might be.

Anyway, these are his five simple nutrition rules.  Much simpler than mine, mind you – and far more succinct (but possibly not quite as succinct as my 217 word version).  Damn you, and your succinct nutrition rules, Craig Ballantyne!!

1) Find out how much you are eating now. Use fitday.com.

2) If you are not losing weight, eat less.

3) Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, and good protein sources. Don’t eat junk from a bag or a box.

4) Give yourself one treat meal per week to look forward to – not a treat day, just a treat meal.

5) Plan ahead. Prepare your meals (spend 1-2 hours on the weekend getting your meals and meal plan ready for the week). Identify obstacles and come up with solutions to avoid them.

That is it.

Very simple. Most people do pretty well on 1-3 and even 5, but mess
up on number 4. I often hear how well someone did all day long, but
then while making dinner they snack on upwards of 500 calories of
their kid’s treats, or other processed carbohydrates they have lying
around the house.

The little things can add up to big time problems. So take a good
long look at everything you eat.

And all of this can be avoided if you follow rule #5.

Sweet.  Stop reading.  Go do it.  Make changes.  Note that he emphasizes planning.  Imagine a miniature Craig on my shoulder talking in a tiny voice about planning: "Plan plan plan plan plan plan plan plan plan." 

I detect a theme.

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One comment

  1. Great post. Not only because of what it said, but the posts you linked to.

    I generally eat healthy compared to the average American: I don’t drink pop/soda (I opt for V8, OJ, AJ, milk, or water), I never eat fast food, and rarely even eat out. At the end of any given day I could tell you exactly what went into my body and when it went there.

    But… my diet is still crap compared to what it could be. I buy veggies but eat them once a day if I’m good. Some of my ‘staples’ are processed foods. I hate lettuce and most leafy greens.

    I need to suck it up and convince my taste buds that its worth it. Thanks for the jump start, I needed it! Changes start Friday when I go grocery shopping.

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