Weekend Handmade Bike Bonanza: Oregon Manifest

Sometimes Portland is so freaking cool it can’t even stand to be in the same room with itself.  I mean, seriously.  The whole over-the-top bike-crazy city thing is what it is, but then there’s totally over-the-top, weekend-long, all-out cycling mayhem.

Like Oregon Manifest.

Turn out to the show this weekend to see the best of the best of Oregon framebuilders. All the usual suspects will be there and the organizers have told me that this thing is going to be mind-blowing.  Actually, they’ve been telling me that for months, so I’m expecting to have my world rocked.  You should too.

Of note:

Rapha is heavily involved with the project and will be hosting a Cyclocross Roller Race contest on Saturday night that sounds like the perfect recipe for Portland-style shenanigans.  Expect a beer-soaked, handmade melé from hell (dude, do not bring your children, whatever you do).  You can bet I’m going to do my best to be there to see how it goes down.

Oh – and while you’re packing your musette bag, be sure to bring your most sassy looks for the camera.  The Rapha kids are notoriously trailed by a gang of photographers who are seriously too-cool-for-school and crank out the snaps to prove it.  Not that they’re going to look in your direction but, you know, there’s always a chance.

Finally, the whole thing end in a ‘cross race out in Wilsonville on the grounds of the old mental hospital.  There will be an exhibition lap for the framebuilders to show us all what their machines are really made of.

See you at the funny farm!

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  1. Sounds very cool! I have been really wanting to check out a Signal up close!

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