What’s That in Your Mouth?

Cyclocross season is party time for me.  Beer, bikes, babes and whiskey.  It’s my favorite time of the year.  I love it.

But all that partying really takes a toll, man.  I’m tired!  And I look like hell!  And Sal has started calling me “Janice” again (this is a Goodfella’s reference).  That’s never a good thing.

So as the season winds down, I have to start thinking about what happens over the winter.  Which can be called “pulling my shit together” or any term of your choice that involves boring gym crap, intervals on the trainer, and – well – about 97% less whiskey.

Whenever I get back to trying not to be a complete glut when it comes to food, I turn to Precision Nutrition.  It’s smart, straight-forward, balanced, easy to customize, extremely well organized, and it just works for me. I bought the program last year and refer to the program overview binder and two PN cook books all the time.  In fact, when I cook, I usually make something out of Gourmet Nutrition.  It totally kicks ass and has some super pretty food photography to boot.

I went back today and re-read Berardi’s Ten Rules for Good Nutrition article to make sure that it didn’t say something like, “Whiskey is great for fat loss.” or “Whiskey is the single best thing that you can drink all winter.”

It didn’t.

Goddamit.  Anyway, the point of this was that if you happen to be looking to really attack your fitness and accomplish some fat loss this coming year, the kids over at Precision Nutrition are doing a nutrition coaching program that looks pretty cool.  There are only a few spots left, and it closes today, but it’s an interesting idea.  They have one for boys and one for girls.

In the meantime, I’m going to go find some whiskey.  Only three more weeks of irresponsible drinking left!!

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  1. i’m going to make sunday a very very abundant beer day since its the last CC.

    you’ve been warned.

  2. Will you make me the happiest lemming alive and be my minion?

  3. After yesterday, I can tell you exactly what’s in your mouth. Horse poo.

  4. I’m a Nutritional Expert, and let me assure you: Whiskey IS Good For You.


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