Win $1000 in Schwag fom Chrome, Nutcase and PlanetBike

Regarding above image: I am a Chrome whore. Also, apparently I have no arms.

This contest too cool not to post.

Wend Magazine is having a contest with a pretty sweet prize. You submit your “Bike to Work” themed photo and if you win, you get more than $1000 worth of schwag from sweet companies like Chrome, Nutcase and Planet Bike.

Check out the details here and go through your archives – quick!

(Chrome provided me with the super sleek Vanya knickers and awesome Pasha asymmetrical zip-front hoodie last year and I lived in them for most of the winter! Dying to find out how the re-engineered fit of the new Vanya works and I’m also stoked to see that they are now offering in black.)

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  1. You have awesome style Heidi!

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