Win Sorel boots!

Sorel is my Winter Boot Angel

Oh man! Remember when I asked you to help me pick out boots? Well, you were awesome – and you gave me so much smart (conflicting) input that I ended up more confused than when I started.

As I write this Joan of Arctic leads Cate the Great by a single vote and the Sorelli is still whispering, “I’m your dark horse.” into my ear while I fall asleep at night. My phone is blowing up with texts from friends who want to ensure that their vote is not only counted but also emphasized and underlined. Who knew winter boots could make for so much hand-wringing?

I want them all!! What’s a girl to do?

Lucky for me, Sorel has swooped in to solve my problem. They’re sending me all three. Oh. My. God. They’re sending me all three! Yes, I know I’m spoiled rotten. It makes me sick, too.

But Enough About Me. I want you to have boots, too!

But first, you gotta win ‘em!

Here’s how:

  • Write a defense of / explanation for your vote. No longer than 200 words. You’ll win whichever of the three boots you successfully defend. Sorry to all the dudes out there (your input in the last round was really impressive!) but you can always give a pair of these to your favorite ladyfriend, right?
  • Make me laugh, make me snort coffee, make me cry, write a haiku – just make it sing. Be witty, be brilliant, or be fucking irreverent. I don’t care, just make that shit entertaining.
  • Send your entry with subject line: “All Your Boots Are Belong to Me!” to sorel [at] gritandglimmer [dot] com
  • Entries will be compiled into a single anonymous document (your name will not be included in the review doc) and I’ll judge them and select a winner.
  • BAM! Winner will receive an email from me to finalize things and will then get a big fun box in the mail!
  • Entries can be received until 11:59pm, 10/27. Winner will be announced November 1st!

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  1. I’m not even sure I know 200 words…

  2. 200 words is max. You can send me three. But they better be FUCKING AMAZING.

    Writing shorter is actually way harder. And way more impressive when done well.

  3. I already got me my Sorels. I want to judge this thing!

  4. I might be able to do short… hmmmm

  5. Get the Cates. :-) Love em!

  6. I’m getting them all! No need to choose anymore. :) Best ever! Are we going to be Cate twinsies??

  7. Um yeah! I had them on @ Ninkrossi last weekend! :-)

  8. Hott!! My feet are so excited!

  9. dude, i am so late to the party on this. sorry i missed it. i love me some boots.

  10. Here I am living in the frozen fucking tundra with mother nature blowing her cold air down my back during my run this morning and I am late to your boot give away. BOOOOOO! (You know, BOOOO for Halloween) Ha!

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