Wow. I Heart Analog Saturday.

I missed you.  I missed you so much.

In the morning I woke up and thought about you.  I wondered if you had watched the video and what you would think.  I wondered what you were wearing… wait.  I didn’t wonder that.

But I did miss you.

Analog Saturday was hard at first.  I wanted to check my emails so bad it was literally killing me.  My computer sat on the dining room table and taunted me.  I probably should have put it away somewhere, but I secretly liked the extra challenge of having to face it and tell it firmly, "No! You don’t control me!!  You don’t tell me what to do!"

(Do I sound totally psycho yet?  Yesterday I felt totally psycho.)

But I rallied soon enough.  When I let go of the idea that it was important for me to be connected all the time amazing things started to happen.

Here’s what worked for me this Saturday:

  • True Calm:  I’m able to relax on the weekends and have fun.  I laugh, ride, cook, and play.  But then, every once in a while I check in on my email and it brings a certain stress level right back to me in a heartbeat.  When I stopped introducing these stressful interruptions into my Saturday, I was able to reach a much deeper level of calm.  I relaxed yesterday in a way that I haven’t in a terribly long time.  I didn’t do anything special, just let go of things and stopped worrying. 
  • Reading!  Wow.  I have spent so much time reading stuff online that I almost forgot that there were these real books that are made out of paper.  I spent quality time with a few books I’ve been meaning to snuggle up to and it was religious.  Reading a book is not the same as reading information on the internet.  Internet reading is consumption.  Book reading is an engaged relationship.  The difference is night and day. 
  • Hello, Relationship  It’s crazy, but I noticed that the less time I spent engaged with my glowing screen, the more time I spent engaged with my boyfriend.  He’s hilarious!  And so much fun.  He makes me laugh.  I knew all this, of course, but yesterday I felt like we really were able to enjoy each other in a way that we haven’t in a while.  Because we work in the same office (he works remotely for a big company, but I let him set up camp in my studio), we see each other all the time.  It’s easy to confuse "being around each other" with "spending time together".  They’re different.  Yesterday was fun and reminded me that we have to be extra conscious of that.
  • Cooking!  I do cook a lot anyway, but we took extra time yesterday and had fish tacos for dinner.  I love fish tacos!! I even made a "Spanish Bulgar Wheat" to take the place of what would otherwise been "Spanish Rice".  Sal was in charge of fish and nailed the preparation of the dover sole.  I also made "portabello pizzas" for lunch, where instead of dough, I use a gigantic 8" diameter portabello mushroom to put all the toppings on.  I topped these ones with a healthy version of an arugula-pesto, a little parmesan cheese, toasted pinenutes, and roasted red peppers. Yum!!!

Here’s what demanded some re-thinking:

  • The Phone:  I am going to have to find a way to use the phone functions of my iPhone without getting the email.  I did a group ride yesterday (30 miles in dumping rain, nice) and I could have really used a communication device.  This is a safety issue so it has to be addressed.  I’m pretty sure I can disable email for the day on my phone so that I can use it in case of emergency.
  • Movies:  This is a big one, but it became apparent that watching a movie would be a really fun thing to do together last night.  We never just sit down and watch a movie – mostly because I don’t want to.  (I am too busy checking email)  Sal was concerned that I was going to break the rule so we could do this, but I made the executive decision to allow movies to become part of this experiment.  (I may have to rename Analog Saturday!  Ha!)  No TV, just a movie on Saturday night.  We had so much fun snuggled up under the comforter watching "Real Madrid" together.  Holy shit!  That movie is phenomenal.

All in all?  Analog Saturday may be one of the most significant and impactful lifestyle changes that I have made in the last five years (right up there with leaving the Bay Area to return to the Northwest, where I was raised).  It was absolutely phenomenal. 

I feel refreshed and in control.  Truly revitalized.  Psychologically rejuvinated in a way that is suprisingly powerful.

Now it’s time to once again put my money where my mouth is and take the bike out for some lovin’. Yesterday was my first ride after 6 weeks off the bike and, despite the fact that my new bike fit KILLS, I wanted to die.  There’s only one way to fix that – more riding, ASAP.

Happy Sunday,



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  1. I just told my sweetie about Analog Saturday, and he got a deer in the headlight look in his eyes. He’s a WOW addict. I’m a blog addict…

    But we *did* manage to cancel cable, so perhaps we can manage this. I might try it.

    It’s nice to read you. It’s been a long time. ;) I still keep the letter you sent me – the one that had curry on it – in my box of treasures. :D

  2. F! My curry sweetheart!
    It has been too long… I’m so glad you found me :)

  3. Ditto, babelicious! And I’m glad you found me right back. Let’s keep in touch, kay? You inspire me too much to lose you again!

  4. This idea really appeals to me, but I’m pretty sure my DH wouldn’t buy into it. Which means I want my laptop to keep me company. ;-)

  5. Going analog rules. It really, really rules. A woman I know, Einat, used to spend more time checking e-mail than working on her art. When the idea occurred to her that maybe she didn’t need to spend 3 hours a day on the internet, it scared the shit out of her. Once she got over it and adjusted to spending less time checking e-mail and such, she suddenly had all of this time for her art. And then she really had to think about her sculpture and painting work in a way entirely different from anything she had ever considered before. It became deliberate, not happenstance. And she had to take pride in herself as an artist and take chances, try new things, see what would work–and what wouldn’t–in her art and not just resort to “whenever inspiration strikes” for her next sculpture piece or painting.

    It’s similar to this analog Saturday stuff. When you unplug, you have no choice but to live. :) I had a mostly-analog-Sunday today (Sunday is generally my ‘make it up as I go along’ day), except for the time I spent this morning making a playlist for my iPod to accompany my walking. And I spent most of my day walking! And bargain shopping (new Nike track jacket! New avia base layer! All from discount retailers! All for less than half the cost of the Nike track jacket, had I gone to Nike Town!)!

    (Though I did watch a movie, at the movie theater, all old-school-like. To me that is a MAJOR treat. I have been to the theater once–last weekend–since before fall term began. And I am now in e-mail and work mode. But that’s fine. It’s within my rules for my day.)

    (and I wound up walking all over Boston so much and at such a steady clip that I am going to quote my totally blotto dorky student from fall, Rich, and tell you, the way he told me almost every single office hour appointment: “God, my butt hurts…”)

  6. I’m glad bikes are analog.

  7. Right on erikv, I second that!!

    Heidi, you really nailed something in your relationship section about confusing being around eachother with spending time together. Ooooh shivers. That REALLY applies to me. I’ll take that as a very timely wake up call. Thanks a ton!

  8. Ye gods, Heids. Where in the world (or Portland) did you find a freakin’ 8″ portabello mushroom????

    Echoing the “spending time together” kudos.

    I have some questions for you, hope I can talk to you soon.

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