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I just visited erkV’s blog (by the way, his site is shiny and well-designed and funny and cyclocross heaven and I’ve added it to the Resources Page) and saw that he’d posted the local weather report

It goes something like this:

Rain at times…and more rain at times. That’s the forecast between now and Sunday.

The Jet Stream is grabbing hold of some warm, moist air that will generate lots of rain over our area, up to 2" in the Willamette Valley between Friday and Sunday. There will be breaks at times–but then another ‘re-inforcement’ will roll in off the Pacific and bring us rain.

Even though the weathermen have delivered nothing but huge disappointments over the past few weeks, I got goosebumps when I read this.

If this is true, then Hillsoboro will be a repeat of the slogfest that was last year.  I didn’t race last year, but I took one of my favorite photographs ever just after the race.  Sal placed 4th and looked like this:


This is what he looked like last night in my photography studio:
(The look on his face tells me something bodes well for this weekend)




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  1. Woah, thanks ;) Good luck in Hillsboro. I hope to see another excellent write-up!

  2. hey lady…you got your wish!

  3. You got your rain! Did you like it?

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