Yoga Your Head Off with an Aurorae Yoga Mat for $25 Bucks

Most people don’t think of me as a yoga person. In fact, I don’t think of me as a yoga person. I am, quite possibly, the least flexible person on the face of the big, green and blue planet.

Moreover, in general I’m into activities that have a competitive focus and the yoga-heads tend to be a pretty mellow group. (Actually, I know those bendy bitches are talking smack as soon as we leave the studio, but that’s another blog post.)

These things aside, I love yoga. It’s hot, even when it’s not specifically hot yoga, which is a boon in a town that runs cold for the better part of the year. And the best part? You get to pretend you are dead at the end. How cool is that? Lay perfectly still! You’re doing great! Man, I love that pose.

All this to say, as much fun as I might make of it, I totally dig yoga. And I do it whenever I get the chance (which is never often enough).

I also love my Aurorae Mat so I teamed up with some other Shopkeepers at OpenSky to deliver a sweet discount. From now until Friday you can snag one for $5 off (you pay $25). We worked with Aurorae to negotiate this deal and we’re pretty sure it’s the lowest on the web right now.

So if you need a new (or first) lovely mat for all your yogic glory (or any floor-based workout shenanigans), head on over and snag one. The Super Sekret Code is below.


Now until April 16th (that’s Friday!)

Retail Price is $30
Promotional price is $25

Nitty Gritty Details:
$5 OFF  all Aurorae Yoga mats

Super Sekret Coupon Code: 5ForYoga

Look! A fireplace!

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