You + Ninkrossi Cross Race = Best Saturday Ever

Dear God,
Make me a ‘cross racer.
So I can drink.
Lots and lots of beer.
Dear God,
Make me a ‘cross racer.
So I can drink.
Lots and lots of beer.

Not just any beer, though. Amazing beer. Hoppy beer! Fantastic beer! The beer to end all beer!

I’m talking about Ninkasi, of course. Tricerahops Double IPA may just be my favorite beer on the planet (it’s competing with Stone’s Imperial Russian Stout – but I reserve those mostly for very cold winter days). When Tricerahops can’t be procured, I’ll do a Total Domination IPA any day.

These beers? These Ninkasi masterpieces? They’ve changed my life. Much like cyclocross has. And now there’s a goddam NINKASI SPONSORED CYCLOCROSS RACE!

Are you kidding me? Sign me up. Seventeen times.

I want to make sure that you know about this confluence of amazingness because the Saturday races around Oregon simply do not get enough love.

People! Saturday ‘cross races are the new black! Seriously. I resolved this year to focus on Saturday races and let the Crusade be what it will. The result has been a lot of fun and exposure to some amazing new courses. And shit! I won some beer last week and I didn’t even have to start in the very last row!

Come to Washougal. Tip back a Tricerahops with me. Let’s race bikes and have fun and sing and play together like the old days. Then go home, rub your legs down, sleep in your wife’s pantyhose and show up to the Crusades the next day to throw your last burst of power into the horsey farm. You won’t die, I promise. The big kids do back to back races all the time.

See you there?
Details below.

NINKROSSI Cross Race -  Oct 16th

Half Fast Velo and Ninkasi Brewing are excited to bring a new venue, close to Portland, into the mix.  Come and enjoy a mellow atmosphere as we celebrate a day of fun Cyclocross and fine craft brew.  The Party (race) will be held at the Washougal Motocross Park, a 45 minute drive from downtown Portland.  Be prepared to have a great day of racing!

Official Flier:  NinKrossi CX Flier courtesy of Jenn Levo [PDF].

Course Map:  NinKrossi CX Course Map

Course Rules:  No beer hand ups. No drinking and driving. Have fun!

Parking:  There is ample parking in the Pro-pit area just above the race course.  Just follow the volunteers instructions. Parking will be $5, and collected at the first gate.

Team tents:  Team tents are welcome. We will have a team tent area designated along the southern edge of the parking area right along the race course (see course map).

Food & Drink

Food will be provided for sale by a few vendors.

* Coffee will be generously provided free of charge by Kobos Coffee.
* Chili and Corn bread by Around the Table catering.
* Belgian Waffles by vendor Three Little Birds.
* Beer by Ninkasi Brewing.  Racers with tokens from David Douglas receive one beverage of choice, Pre-reg or Day of racers with also receive a token with their registration. Spectators and racers looking for an extra beer will be able to purchase a hand crafted brew for $3.

Race Registration
$20 Online or Day of, $10 for any additional race.

Pre-registration:  You can preregister two ways.

* Click on the text OBRA Online Registration on the flier.
* Or follow this link RACE REGISTRATION.

Pre-registration will be open until Midnight after Thursday the 14th. (10/15, 00:00am)

It will save you time if you go to, fill out the release and print it. If you need an OBRA membership, go here: $10.

Race Numbers

Bring your Cross Crusade numbers, we will be using these for the race.  Numbers on the left.  There will be lines just for racers who have a Cross Crusade bib number already. You will just need to hand over your release and entry fee and we mark you off, it’s that easy.

Camping: Camping will be available for those who choose. There is no fee, we just ask that you pick up after yourselves.

Junior Racers:  There are no junior race categories offered.  Juniors are encouraged to race the Junior Cyclocross Series in Eugene at the Psycho Cross Pseries. Juniors, who do choose to race, must choose between the Beginner or lowest category they feel comfortable in.

Mechanical Support:  Camas Bike & Sport will be generously providing mechanical support all day.  Mechanical support will be located near the pit.

Special Note: Please Drink Responsibly. If you find yourself in a position that you cannot drive home, please let us know. Your safety is the utmost importance to us!

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  1. Bummer on the Saturday races. I pretty much can’t race on Saturdays.
    Also bummer that some of these very cool, smaller, more intimate races are showing up in locations well beyond the reach of bike and transit. Final bummer is that I can’t really drink beer anymore without feeling sort of ill.

    However, the counter-bummer, the anti-bummer, is that I still get to play Cyclocross on my bike quite a bit this fall. Cyclocross is the gift that keeps on giving. So — See you at PIR and happy racing!

  2. I’ve been planning on this race all year. Cx on a motocross track? How could that not make you drool.

  3. Thanks Heidi. <3

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