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Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

December 25, 2014

so it happened. i managed to let an entire month (and a few days) slip past. i knew that time would come. i have spent the last month learning about marketing. and marketing has taken us on a whirlwind of adventure that has involved many packed bags, hotel rooms, airplane flights, and even a trolley ride.

and i want to tell you all about marketing and the other adventures i have been on in the last month. but a quick update on my christmas break. yes, i still get christmas break.

well, break may not be the right word.

i came home and quickly was put to work. it was four days until christmas and there was plenty to be done.

my dad put me to work first, on a much over do project. and to be fair, at least half the stuff to be moved was mine anyways. i guess that is what i get for storing my entire college house in my father’s storage unit.

success one: cleaned out the the last storage unit.

my little helper.

a five minute trip by home and a quick outfit change later, i was looking like a girl again to help my mom finish christmas shopping. we would have a couple extra guests for christmas this year and we wanted their stockings be filled some a few of their favorite things, which fortunately were not raindrops on roses or blue satin sashes.

success two: obtain stocking stuffers for all to-be present individuals.

number three is always my favorite. and my unspoken official task. and truly a necessity anytime the family is together.

success three: make a double batch of secret recipe, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies.

much to my pup’s dismay, i had to take her to the veterinarian to have her updated on her shots. she was not too fond of it, but she handled it like a champ.

success four: update best friend’s vaccinations.

i even got all of my wrapping done.

success five: start and finish wrapping presents

in the end, i did not quite finish all i had intended to.

failure one: clean up the land mines covering my bedroom floor.

whoops. i had been doing so well. but family and friends took precedence. as they should.

my cousins were around for christmas.

my sister dressed us in onesies for christmas morning.

they are the cutest.

we ate delicious cinnamon rolls.

and i snuggled with my puppy.

all in all it was a wonderful, fifty-degree christmas in springfield, illinois. i would not trade it for anything.

my favorite view of the tree.

Words Aren’t Enough

November 4, 2014

i am throwing my timeline to the wind today. i should be writing about what i did for my first few weeks in San Diego. or Kansas City. or Sea World. or a host of other things that has happened in the last three weeks.

but i am going to skip ahead to october 25th. because i do what i want.

the 25th was a rough morning. i had a splitting headache. one that i simply could not shake. i was out running errands all morning. and nothing was helping.

i swung by the apartment to pick up my roommate to go halloween costume shopping. and there was a very heavy package inside the door. it had my name on it.

i skeptically poked at the outside. i sniffed it. i shook it. i listened for sounds of life within. but it simply would not reveal its secrets to me.

so gingerly i sliced the tape. held my breath. and cringed as i opened the flaps.

but, oh, the wonder and excitement that was held within that drab brown box!

i found caramel corn and cheese popcorn. i found cinnamon roll cake mix. caramel covered apples. bright and festive socks. vanilla scented air fresheners. caramel apple pops. an incredibly thoughtful itunes gift card. candy corn. halloween window stickers. a mini pumpkin. the most adorable white owl ceramic mug. and notes from the greatest best friends in the world.

in high school, i was blessed with a group of rock solid friends. we all went to different schools. we participated in different sports. we were active in different groups. we had different sets of friends. we lived in different parts of town. we had different backgrounds. there was really no reason for us to be friends. except that we all loved eating cookie dough and watching movies.

some how. some way. we became friends in high school. we were separated for college. each going to different schools and sometimes different states. but nothing changed.

when we were having a bad day, we would call each other. when we needed support and encouragement, we would chat on our group messages. when we missed each other, we would go visit. when we were back home, we always made a special effort to see each other.

we were awkward and silly high school girls when our friendships started, but they have become the foundation that i can always run back to. they are always there for me, and i am so blessed because of it. they encourage me. they support me. they laugh with me. they cry with me. they tell me when i am being stupid. they correct me when i am wrong. they sing at the top of their lungs in the car with me. they remind me of my value. they make fun of me. they love me unconditionally.

after being out on the road for three months, i have realized how rare and valuable that is. i realized how important it is to have a support system. to have people that genuinely care about you. who celebrate with you in the good times and support you in the hard times. people who remember that your favorite scent is vanilla. and that sunflowers are one of the few flowers that you actually like. that caramel apples are your favorite fall snack. especially when you are missing home and the leaves changing on the trees. that new music always brightens your day. and that your feet are always freezing and could use an extra layer. that owls are one of your favorite animals. those are the people that truly know you. that took the time to pay attention and care about you. whether you deserve it or not.

when i opened that package and read those cards, it reminded me of how truly loved i am. my best friends were once again right there when i needed them most. and they did not even know it. they are incredible people. and i love them dearly. i do not know where i would be without them.

so Kimmy, Cara, Tay, and Hannah, thank you. with all of the love in my heart. i cannot explain to you how thankful i am. for the package. for the memories. for the last eleven years of friendship. for being the incredible women that you are. words will never be enough to express how much i care about you. i love you all dearly. and cannot wait to see you during the holidays.


Dearest Kimmy.

Darling Hannah.

Beautiful Tay.

Gorgeous Cara.

oh, how life happens.

the awkward high school years. part 1.

the awkward high school years. part 2.

there’s always time to dress up.

best friends entertain each other in catholic weddings.

ain’t she pretty?

ladies, you are the best.

Happy Wedding!

August 17, 2014

in the midst of my new job, i love having little reminders of what’s really important. of chances to get to see old friends and celebrate the joys of life together.

one of my beautiful friends got married this weekend. it was beautiful, classy, fun. it was everything that she is. and the way that the groom looked at her? love, joy, adoration. man, that’s the best thing i could ask for my friends to have. they deserve it. they have had to put up with me all these years.

Congrats Cara and Sam!!

the blushing bride and the joyous groom

they were precious. giggling and laughing through their whole first dance. glowing. happy. it’s such a perfect reminder of what is truly important. their first dance was to a sweet country song. in an elegant, formal dining room. it was perfectly them: classy, sophisticated, country, casual, unassuming.

and on top of that, i got to see some great friends again. they are my favorites. and i got to see my puppy. what more could i really ask for?

best friends entertain each other in catholic weddings.

ain’t she pretty?

wedding rule #2: always take a charming, handsome date

coonhound love.