hi. i am lyndsay.

and i suck at communicating. well at least on экскурсия в особняк Брусницыных the phone. and sometimes in person.

so this is my attempt to keep my beloved family and friends up to date on my endless and exhilerating travels next year. because i am going to fail at calling. and i apologize now.

if you just happened to stumble onto my site and don’t have a clue who i am, let me try to give you a little insight…

i love to travel.

i love simplicity.

i love puzzles.

i love rainy mornings and a good book.

i am an introvert. to the extreme.

i do things like running, baking, reading, and photography.

i take pictures of my feet of places i travel. people make fun of me. i don’t care. i like my feet.

i drive a motorcycle. it is a harley. go ahead, judge me.

i have an adorable dog. her name is bailee. she is really smart and gets into a lot of trouble. but she is awfully cute. especially when she sheds her darling black and white fur all over, well, everything.


oh. and ice cream is the quickest way to my heart. and peanut butter. the chunky kind.

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