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The Golden Years

October 25, 2014

my stop over from Atlanta to St. Louis landed me in a little town of Golden, Illinois.

it’s a little town. it’s a quiet village. where every day is like the one before. a little town. full of li…

okay, not really. but it is a quiet, little village full of very pleasant people.

now you may be asking what inspired me to stop over in a quiet, little Illinoisian town during my transition out of supply and into sales. not that this question needs an answer, because the answer is obvious there could be no other reason but this exact reason. what other reason could there really be? i mean it is only the greatest reason ever.

so, i show up in the sleepy little town of Golden to a warm welcome of homemade chili. and questions about chemistry. i miss the studiousness of school. the constant barrage of theorems, concepts, and definitions. the ample flexibility to spend your time as one saw fit. sometimes i wonder why i left… then i remember what i do on a daily basis.

anyways. besides the point. i had a lovely time reteaching myself chemistry in attempt to assist my darling cousin. she rocked it out on her own though. because sometime in the midst of assisting i passed out on the floor. i guess that will happen when one does not sleep the night before.

some how i was transferred to an air mattress. where apparently my dog was insistent on curling up with me. but she did not like the air mattress. and she apparently was hopping between my bed and the couch. and apparently my aunts and uncles were well amused by it. and apparently the light was fully shining on my face. and apparently my cousin came in causing a ruckus to get ready for bed. and apparently my other cousin came in to sleep on the floor in the middle of the night. and i say “apparently” because i do not remember a single second of any of this. i was simply unresponsive to the world.

after my twelve hour coma and awakening to a mostly empty house, i readied myself and went down to the windmill (yes, those still exist) with my cousins to decorate for my grandmother’s eightieth birthday party. yes, eightieth. but she looks like she is twenty-five. ish.

the pride and joy of Golden, Illinois.

the party was a blast. there was food and cake and slide shows and pictures and quilts and live bands and elvis impersonators and people. so many people. i have a social family. and it all stems from my darling grandmother. she knows everybody. and everybody loves her.

what an appropriate sign…
photo cred: always19 photography

it was a great weekend of every good thing that starts with f: fun, food, frivolities, festivities, fossils. and family. that one can be thrown in there too. i think they are pretty great.

photo cred: always19 photography

however, it was a pain in the you-know-what to get there. i will never fly united airlines again.

between a long last night out and an early flight, i did not manage to rest my eyes. so after i arrived at the airport at 5:30 am, my flight was delayed. for an hour. guess how long my layover in Chicago was. you betchya, forty-five minutes. guess who missed her flight. you betchya, this girl.

so once i arrived in Chicago, i had to wait for another flight to Peoria, Illinois. and much to everyone’s surprise, it is not a frequent flight. so i finally arrived in Peoria six hours after i was intended to. six hours. that may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things. but i only had thirty-six hours. i lost one-sixth of my weekend sitting in an airport. seventeen percent of my weekend. just wasted.

oh, and they ripped my bag. i was not a happy camper.

in Peoria, my father and puppy were waiting to pick me up. i think united should pay for the emotional counseling my dog will need after the traumatic six hour waiting period she was subjected to. so once i finally arrived, they drove me to Springfield to switch out my bag. and then they drove me to Golden. it was a long day.

i will never fly united again.

and now i am in San Diego. but i will tell you about that later. so enjoy this pretty picture for now.

lunch spot day one.

my grandmother’s eightieth birthday party is the answer to your earlier question. for those of you who still did not get it.

A Temporary Goodbye

October 19, 2014

the last two weeks at Cartersville was a whirlwind of late nights, last dinners, last teasing jokes, last project meetings, last happy hours, last visits.

it is sad to leave Georgia. i felt very at home there. southern hospitality, pickup trucks, guns, rolling hills, and incredible people. we tried to say thank you to people as best as we could, but how do you show enough gratitude to these people? it is hard. no. it is impossible. the intentional time and energy that they invested in us is unparalleled. they made us feel like we were part of the family in Cartersville, and you can never say thank you enough for that kind of hospitality. so here is a smattering of pictures for our stay in Cartersville. to show you how much fun we had.

hot sauce stand off. Ryan won.

i look like a child.

more beer tastings.

final happy hour.

this is not edited at all.

i also had the chance to find a little piece of home during my final week in Cartersville. i have a beautiful friend that moved to Alabama four years ago for college. she has the biggest heart. she is studying to be a special education teacher. she will be phenomenal at it. she was also my partner in crime in high school. my fellow rapscallion, as our coach used to call us. whether we were playing in mud puddles or the nearby creek on our run or traipsing up to the high school roof, she was always right by my side. what more could i ask for? she brought her puppy up for the day and we picked up right were we left off: exploring the woods, eating fresh pecans, and talking about life. she is incredible, and i cannot wait to see what great things she does with her life.

beautiful Jenna!

meet Bonnie, she’s adorable.

fresh cracked pecans.

so my time in Cartersville has wrapped up. it was an incredible adventure. i will miss it greatly. but i hope to be back there again. hopefully very soon.

Kennesaw Craft Beer Fest

October 15, 2014

today starts week 1 in California.

but there’s so much i haven’t told you about Georgia yet. so i’m going to do that.

i’ll show you a quick photo of us helping save the environment by picking up trash at the local lake in cartersville. and then skip over the rest of that story because no one wants to hear about the good deeds i did.

clean up crew.

i love lakes.

the highlight of that day was really the kennesaw craft beer festival.

we actually went with the vip tickets. mostly because they had free food and the delicious goose island beers. it was a solid choice. because not only was there free food and delicious goose island beers, there was a designated area sectioned off for vip guests only in an empty house. (that’s a terrible sentence with too many prepositions. i apologize.)

now this was very important for two reasons.

number one: there was this guy. he is a nice guy. but he was a little intoxicated and not quick about picking up on my very obvious social cues. my friends found this to be very entertaining. i did not. but his yellow wristband did not allow him to enter the vip only section. hello safe haven.

number two: there was a bathroom in this house. a bathroom. an actual bathroom. with an actual toilet with an actual (relatively) clean seat that did not smell like that blue gunk. when enjoying steady portions of liquid libations over six hours, a real bathroom is crucial. not a port-a-potty. not a bush in the woods. not an empty bottle in the back of a moving van on a long road trip. a real bathroom. ladies, i know you know what i’m talking about.

we tried most of the local brands. some were okay. some less than okay. but i was a little disappointed. i am not a hophead. i will never be. i like my beers to be balanced. a crisp lager or an amber ale or a sessionable ipa. occasionally a good hefeweizen or belgium wit. most of the beers available were so strongly hopped that i was curious how many imperfections they were trying to cover. when i first started drinking, i favored local brews that had a stronger malty flavor and an occasional bitter brew. things that i originally perceived to be craft beer.  so i was a little shocked to find that the brands that i enjoyed most were owned by AB: goose island 312 pale ale, blue point toasted lager, and shock top raspberry wheat. i guess i picked the right company. although i am starting to strongly question how we define “craft”. six million barrels per year is not exactly small.

modeling by the bud light tent.

besides the beer, the festival was fun. a few local live bands covering everything from ACDC to Taylor Swift. their performances steadily improved throughout the course of the event. that or my perception of their performance did. the Georgia game was on the tv, much to many fans’ delight. there was corn hole on the lawn and people aimlessly milling about.

the true highlight of the beer festival was a hidden gem that we found early and frequented often. it was delicious, refreshing, melt-in-your-mouth beer ice cream. it was real tasty. the vanilla bock was my favorite. granted, i couldn’t have the chocolate ones, but i was (ruthlessly) teased of their heavenly taste. check it out here. and if you get a chance, give it a taste.

and now for a smattering of pictures for you to enjoy. and i promise to update more soon about the end of Georgia, the beginning of California, and my trip to KC this weekend!

my new friend, mr. bumbles.

i miss them.

the varsity munchies after.