This Bike is a Boat, Lady.

Peithman and I were assaulting Creston Park (which is where I learned to ride ‘cross) during a mad ‘cross skills practice when The Boat approached.

From far away it looked like just another Bakfiets, but as it came into view it became very RED. And very RAD.  And very boat-like.

Behold!  The Bike Boat! Owner and Operator James Newman built this sweet boat attachment with his own two hands and added it to the Bullitt (purchased from Bike Gallery).  Now, that’s Craftsmanship!


Holy crap, I love this thing!




HomeDude Captain (Little Guy) was named Gavin. He seemed a little more than flummoxed that we had interrupted his sweet stroll through the park. His father, James, however, seemed to be used to the attention (I chased them down after doing a triple take as SP and I rode our precious figure-8′s through the trees).  James dismounted as if he’d been through this before and then stepped aside so I could make a few photos with my phone.

Come to find out he knows Mr. Duff (also known as Duff Daddy) the Grand Poobah King of Veloforma.  He also instructed me as to how to create a very killer cyclocross loop through Creston, advising me that there had been races there many years prior (decades?).

I jotted down his contact information in my phone and after a little Facebook interaction and a spot of online research, I’ve turned up his blog which is highly entertaining.

James – thank you for taking time today to introduce me to Gavin and the Amazing Boat Bike! You made ‘cross practice something special.

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  1. That’s super cool, but for me the most interesting/revealing thing about this post is the phrase “just another bakfiets”.

  2. Wow that is an awesome bike (and an awesome post!). Thanks for sharing. “James dismounted as if he’d been through this before.” Yeah, that sounds about right!

  3. Patrick – I concur. As I wrote that I was thinking, “I live in such a cool town to be able to write a phrase like that!”

  4. I saw them going up Mt. Tabor on the last Sunday Parkways but was too far away to actually comment on their rad boatbike in person. My god it’s beautiful though!

    And yeah, it’s kind of cool to live in a town where I no longer get over-the-top-excited when I see a bakfiets or xtracycle or kidztandem or tall bike or…

  5. Amazing! you should post it here

  6. I want a boat bike!


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