A Brief Intro

September 13, 2014

so let me tell you about Cartersville:

C’ville is an adorable town just outside of Atlanta that is home to 19,810 delightful Georgians. it is also home to our most water efficient brewery in the world, using 2.77 hectoliters of water per hectoliter of beer.

the Cartersville brewery was opened in 1988 on 1600 acres of rolling Georgia countryside. 1600 acres for me to play on for six whole weeks! i think my dreams might have just come true. they are currently running four bottle lines and three can lines that make 245 different product https://experience.tripster.ru/experience/Moscow/60990-fabrika-morozhenogo/ and package combinations (aka 245 SKUs for all my engineering friends out there). i am sure some of my friends out there think they could out drink our brewery. please, bring it on. we make 9.4 MILLION hectoliters of beer every year. that is 248.32 million gallons of beer every year. i could turn that into some cool stat about how many olympic sized swimming pools that could fill, but…. i am feeling a little lazy right now.

and that is only one of our breweries. and we are only a medium sized brewery in our system. please, let your head try to wrap around that. because i am still trying to and failing epically.

and for my environmentally conscious friends out there, we currently recycle 99.8% of our solid inputs, reuse CO2 produced during primary fermentation for packaging, use the thermal energy creating during the cooling process, and house a mini army of solar panels. we love our planet and are finding every way to take care of it.

my brewery. the one morning i came in after the sun was up.

i was sent down to Georgia with two young gentlemen. of sorts. they are a handful. yet so much fun. ladies, listen up and let me know if you’d like to come visit…

Ryan is my friendly giant from southern California. at a towering 6’7″, i promise you can wear any pair of heels when going out with him. he loves foreign films, french music, and long walks under the moonlight. he even cooks. and he cooks REALLY well. he likes to spend his lazy saturdays at the beach reading a book or playing volleyball. his favorite beer is budweiser with a little lime in it. and the quickest way to his heart is chocolate chip cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Marc is my foreign outdoorsman from Switzerland. yes, you read that right, Switzerland. he even has the accent. he loves tennis, snowboarding, and long hikes in the woods up minor mountains (see this post). he even takes the trash out. without being asked. and he is always helping out. he has some of the craziest stories. of wild boars biting him, treks into the Amazon jungle, and swimming with sharks. his favorite beer is stella artois. the quickest way to his heart? cream cheese on his sandwiches. actually, just cheese in general.

Marc-y Marc.

they take care of me. whether it is walking me back to my apartment at night or sitting in urgent care with me for three hours or tagging along on whatever crazy adventure i come up with for the day. they are the best. i am spoiled to have them. and i could not imagine my six weeks in Georgia without them.

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